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An Anime Adaptation was announced during a Live Broadcast on NicoNico Live on August 20th, 2016. The one year anniversary of the release of the game.[1] On June 19th, 2017 the teaser site opened and it was revealed that the anime project will consist of a TV series and a spinoff series.[2]

The anime officially starts airing in Winter of 2018, specifically in January. However, the first two episodes will be screened in advance on November 2, 2017.[3]


All voice actors from both IDOLiSH7 and TRIGGER will be reprising their roles, and Tsumugi Takanashi will be voiced by Satomi Sato (佐藤 聡美 Satou Satomi)![3]

  • Original Work: Bandai Namco Online (バンダイナムコオンライン, Bandai Namuko Onrain)
  • Character Designs: Arina Tanemura (種村 有菜, Tanemura Arina)
  • Director: Makoto Bessho (別所誠人 Bessho Makoto)
  • Supervisor: Ei Aoki (あおきえい Aoki Ei)
  • Script: Ayumi Sekine (関根アユミ Sekine Ayumi)
  • Animation Character Design: Kasumi Fukagawa (深川可純 Fukagawa Kasumi)
  • Animation Studio: TROYCA (トロイカ)


IDOLiSH7 anime PV 102:08

IDOLiSH7 anime PV 1

The first IDOLiSH7 TV Anime Preview!


  • The anime's offcial site is named "Aninana" (ア二ナナ) which is extremely simmilar to "Ainana" (アイナナ, Ainana), exceptes there's an added "N" at the start making it "ani" which is the most common abbreviation for Anime.


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