Banri Ogami
Oogami Banri
Kanji 大神 万理
Rōmaji Oogami Banri
English Banri Ogami
Nickname Ban-san (by Momo)
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Sign Virgo
Birthday September 8th
Age 27
Height 180 cm
Personal Status
Professional Statistics
Position Company staff
Member (former)
Re:vale (former)
First Appearance
Game Chapter 1; Part 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Kazuyuki Okitsu


Takanashi Agency’s capable staff who has been supporting the agency well.

Has a calm personality, and is a big brother existence to everyone.

From doing odd jobs to Tsumugi Takanashi ’s manager, to supporting roles, he is in charge of a wide variety of things.

Being able to work at the agency, he feels a great debt of gratitude towards President Otoharu Takanashi.[1]


A calm and caring individual, he feels very much like everyone’s older brother. Banri does what he can to help behind the scenes, but for one reason or another won’t do anything that puts him even remotely close to the spotlight. He’s very invested in IDOLiSH7′s accomplishments, and confessed after IDOLiSH7 won the JIMA Newcomer Award that it felt as if his own dreams from long ago have finally come true.[2]



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  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 Translated by riku7se

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