This page will be explaining in general how an event works. I say in general because they're basically all the same but new mechanics are added every so often, and to keep this page under non-heavy traffic (and for me to stay sane) I'll be making a brief summary on how they all work. Please got to the actual event page for more detailed explanations. ALRIGHT HERE WE GO

Basis Edit

An event starts, at the start of the month, and near the end of the month. Usually there's two per month(?) --If there isn't, then there's only one event that happens in the middle of the month. There's about a week resting time between each event. --Sometimes it in/decreases. Certain sets have an event dedicated to the event. usually people at the top have about a millions points.

Points Event Edit

This is the most straightforward event. Play the Event Lives to obtain Event Points(EP)! Your rank depends on how many points you can obtain within the time frame. Basically, grinding is your best friend. It's like Ensemble Stars, except you have to play regular lives to obtain Tokens rather than using LP.

However, you cannot play event songs without using special tokens that you collect by playing normal lives. The token requirements for songs are dependent on the difficulty you play at and are generally the following:

  • Easy: 20
  • Normal: 40
  • Hard: 60
  • Expert: 80

Then there's the main event song which gives more event points, but costs more token than a normal song. The token amount is generally the following:

  • Easy: 60
  • Normal: 120
  • Hard: 180
  • Expert: 240

Bingo Event Edit

Have you played bingo before? Yea, it's basically that. Except you're completing tasks like get "400 combo on expert(8★) Good Night Awesome." They're three type of bingo cards, Easy, Normal, and Hard. These are to show the difficulties of the bingo card. You can preview them before choosing, so don't worry. Each bingo card has nine tasks, you need complete all of the tasks before moving towards the next stage. If you get a bingo, you're rewarded with; stellar stones, gold, friend points, ect. If you finish a stage early, you're going to have to wait until next stage appears the next day or so. Then it's just rinse and repeat from there until the end of the event.

This type of event first appeared with the Halloween Night Party Event in 2015.

Tasks Event Edit

An event similar to bingo events, the Tasks Events consist of different stages for you to complete. Each stage will have few tasks that have specific requirements as their weak points; your objective is to play the event lives to meet those requirements!

Choosing a task will prompt you to complete one of the following requirements:

  * イベントライブにて累計スコア___達成しよう!
  Get a cumulative score of ___!
  * イベントライブにて [song name] で累計スコア___達成しよう!
  Get a cumulative score of ___ on [song name]! *
  * イベントライブにてコンボ数を累計__回達成しよう!
  Get a cumulative combo of ___!
  * イベントライブにて [song name] でコンボ数を累計___回達成しよう!
  Get a cumulative combo of ___ on [song name]! *
  * イベントライブにて Perfect 数を累計__回達成しよう!
  Get ___ number of Perfects! (cumulative)
  * イベントライブにてグレード達成__ランク以上を累計 [number] 回達成しよう!
  Get a(n) ___ rank or higher on [number] event lives!
  * イベントライブにて [song name] でグレード達成__ランク以上を累計 [number] 回達成しよう!
  Get a(n) ___ rank or higher on [song name] for [number] amount of times!
  * イベントライブにてプレイ数を累計__回達成しよう!
  Play ___ amount of event lives!

Some of these requirements may require you to clear the lives on a certain difficulty.

Don’t worry if the requirements can’t be completed in one live! You can play multiple lives to complete a task, and there are some tasks that do require you to play multiple event lives. Of course, that also means that there are tasks that require for you to do it all in one go, but that's pretty rare to happen. Do your best to complete them all! Completing a task will award you with items like stellar stones, UR items, and more!

High Score Event Edit

A tough event to get through if you haven’t been special training your cards. The layout is similar to the Points Event, but the rankings are not based off of EP.

Unlike the Points Event, this is based on your high score for each of the event song, where they will be added into a collective high score. That collective high score will determine your rank.

It doesn’t matter how much EP you have. You could have 10 million EP. But if your high score is, say, 6 million (~1m from each song), that 6 million will be reflected in your event rank and not your 10 million EP. This event relies heavily on your teams, so special train them often!

As an example, if you have a score of 400,000 on Leopard Eyes Hard and a score of 500,000 on Pythagoras☆Fighter EXPERT, your total score is:

  400,000   (Leopard Eyes HARD)
+ 500,000   (Pythagoras☆Fighter EXPERT)
  900,000   <– ranking score

That 900,000 is reflected in your ranking. However, if you manage to get 600,000 on Leopard Eyes EXPERT, the new score is:

  600,000   (Leopard Eyes EXPERT)
+ 500,000   (Pythagoras☆Fighter EXPERT)
  1,100,000 <– ranking score

And now your ranking score is 1,100,000!

Similar to the Points Event, you must gather tokens in order to play the event lives. There are also special stages with double/triple the points for double/triple the amount of tokens!

  • Easy: 20 tokens
  • Normal: 40 tokens
  • Hard: 60 tokens
  • Expert: 80 tokens

Relay Event Edit

It's like a merge of a Score and Point event really.

This type of event functions on it's own type of stamina. You start with five at first. If you level up when you still have stamina left, you will trigger something call stamina overflow. Which starts you at five, but you also still have the remaining stamina. If you level up and don't have any stamina left, you will start a max stamina just like Life. This is not an insult toward the reader's life, the writer is speaking about the thing you use for normal lives.

The stamina for each set list goes like;

  • Easy: 1
  • Normal: 1
  • Hard: 2
  • Expert: 2

Set Lists: Three songs that you have to play back to back. If you do well enough, you will receive an "Encore" which allows you to play the main event song. If you're playing the Set List on expert, you will have a chance to either play an 8★ song or a 10★ song!

After completing a Set List and the Encore, your given the live results screen. All of these songs are then added up and will form your set list score, and you will also get event points by completing a set list. This means there is both a high score ranking and a points ranking component. Your high score will be determined by the highest-scoring set list you played.

First appearing in the Are you Alright? Break your Dis one!! Event.

Kinako Challenges Edit

Within every, event (Points/Score/Relay....kinda) there are these challenges. It's like a normal live Kinako challenge, except it's been limited down to;

  • four score goals
  • four combo goals
  • four play goals

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