Yamato: ……Haha. You’re always putting your all into it.

Mitsuki: Of course I am. It’s boring if you don’t!

Mitsuki: There are times when you fail with everything you have too….. But when that happens, you just gotta be sad with everything you have.

Mitsuki: It’s my one and only life! And aren’t I the only one that can make my own life interesting?

Mitsuki: You should try it too. I don’t know what your circumstances are.

Mitsuki: But I want to see you really cry with vexation and really weep with joy.

Mitsuki: Show me, Leader.

Yamato: ………….

Tsumugi: You’re going to accept the offer to act in the drama!?

Yamato: Yeah.

Tsumugi: Yay–!

Tsumugi: I’m glad that the one opening this road for everyone else is the trustworthy Yamato-san!

Yamato: ……Haha. Flattery won’t get you anywhere.

Yamato: But, well….. Why don’t I give it a try?

Yamato: That whole “putting your all into it” thing.

Nagi: Welcome to my theater room.

Mitsuki: This is my room! You just went and installed a home theater set on your own.

Nagi: Oh…… My room is narrow, so I’m having the rooms serve multiple purposes.

Nagi: I put the tea room in Riku’s room, the dressing room in Sougo’s room, and dining room in Iori’s room……

Riku: I’d really like you to clean up all those cups…..

Sougo: And that mountain of clothes……

Tsumugi: Well then, everyone, let’s all get together and watch Yamato-san’s special drama! I recorded it!

Yamato: ……I just, remembered something I have to do.

Mitsuki: Ahaha! You’re just embarrassed!

Yamato: Shut up.

Tamaki: ……he’s gone.

Iori: That’s fine. Let’s just watch it without him.

Mitsuki: Let me see…… Ooh! Yamato-san appeared!

Riku: How cool! He’s just like a teacher! This is the first time I’ve ever heard him speak so calmly……

Mitsuki: …………

Mitsuki: ……Actually……

Riku: ……….., isn’t he good at acting?

Sougo: ……this is……, I could just be biased, but he’s stealing the scene…… (1)

Yamato: It doesn’t seem like Yama-san at all……

Nagi: ………… Oh……. ……his appearance…… (2)

Tsumugi: Nagi-san, what’s wrong?

Nagi: ……No…… It’s nothing……

Riku: ……I can’t believe Yamato-san kept his talent a secret……

Riku: ……Just who is he……

Girl A: Do you know Nikaidou Yamato? Apparently he’s not an actor. He’s an idol.

Girl B: What! He can sing too? Isn’t that amazing?

Girl A: I wonder if he’ll be in another drama.

Girl B: Apparently you can see him on a web program. Huh? It looks like MEZZO” also appears.

Girl A: Huh, I wonder if they get along well. …….What? It says they’re in the same group! I didn’t know that!

Girl B: Look! They have so many views on their videos! There are even comments in English! Is it popular with foreigners too?

Girl A: IDOLiSH7……

Girl A: What!? They haven’t debuted yet!?

Banri: President!

Otoharu: Yes yeesss.

Banri: Multiple companies have inquired about doing a commercial tie-up when IDOLiSH7 debuts!

Banri: There are also a flood of other appearance requests from TV stations and music events.

Banri: There are so many that I have to turn down the offers we can’t fit in their schedule!

Otoharu: ……I suppose the time has come. (3)

Otoharu: Oogami-kun. Please gather everyone here.

(1) The literal JP is that he’s “eating the main lead”, which is hilarious to me. Like if you think about it too hard it’s kinda weirdly violent compared to the English “stealing the scene.”

(2) The word Nagi uses is 表情, which I usually tl as “expression”, but it CAN also mean general look or appearance of the face. Given that Nagi will go on MULTIPLE TIMES AFTER THIS, mostly in Part 2, to get Yamato to take off his glasses, it seems to me that he’s more generally talking about recognizing Yamato’s face. (I Yell)

(3) Okay we’re using this line to talk about the title too. The title, as you can see in the image all the way up top, is 満ちる時. This line here that Otoharu says is 時は満ちた……do you notice their similarities? Otoharu’s line is the one more commonly translated as “the time has come”, or any other slight variation on that phrase. The grammar kinda follows it: the literal is “time (is) full/matured”. Meanwhile, the title is instead “full/mature time”, which is like, the SAME THING, but also something about the focus feels just different enough that I didn’t feel comfortable translating it the same way. As it just so happens, apparently some episode of Tokyo ESP has this exactly phrase in the title, and it translated it as “Fruition”, which I actually really liked sO THERE YA GO.

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