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The Happy Birthday, Sogo (2017 Edition) is a limited-time audition that features some of Sogo Osaka's cards from previous cards sets. To honor his birthday, May 28th. The audition itself will run from May 25th (12:00 JST) to May 29th (11:59 JST).

Log-in BonusEdit

(2017) Happy Birthday Sogo - Login Bonus Screen

Log-in five days in a row from May 24th, 2017 (4:00 JST) to May 29th, 2017 (3:59 JST) to receive five stones each day.

2016's Birthday CardEdit

2016's “Rabbit Hoodie” SR card will be available in the scout catalogue from February 11th (12:00 JST) to February 15th (11:59 JST)! This is a perfect chance for those who weren’t able to get his birthday card last year. (Please note that only the SR will be available within the scout catalog, meaning you will need to have two copies to upgrade it to SSR form.)

Included Card SetsEdit

Featured Cards:


  • 2017's Birthday Card is based off of his photobook cover (it's more subtle in the SR, and it's plain obvious as he's holding the book in his SSR).
  • Sogo's Rabbit Hoodie SR card was accidentally added to the gacha, when it first launched.