What is IDOLiSH7?
Idolish Seven (アイドリッシュセブン, Aidorisshu Sebun) or i7 (アイナナ, Ainana) is a Japanese idol-rhythm game and visual novel mobile app released by Bandai Namco on both Android and iOS.

Things to Take Note About this Guide
IDOLiSH7 Master Guide: The links with a # will lead you to a different heading in the page.
(For example, #How to Download the Game will lead you to the first header.)

This guide is going to assume you have zero knowledge about the game in general and are just getting started.
Don't worry there aren't any spoilers within the guide.

As the game is all in Japanese (mostly), some pictures have been translated and edited in for easier reading!
They don't actually appear like that within the game itself!
All times and dates within the actual infoboxes are written in JST!

Some parts of the guide are collapsible for the ease of scrolling and to prevent very long loading screens for
those with really slow internet. Those sections are really long and contain valuable information.

Game Specs

For both Android and iOS; Last updated on July 27th, 2017

For iOS

  • Recommended Version: iOS7.0 or later
  • Recommended Device: iPhone 5 or later, iPad 2 or later (except iPad Pro)
  • Supports iPod Touch 6th Generation or later.

For Android

  • 4.1 and up

Please check here because this may be outdated! (The top is iOS and the Bottom portion is Android)

Referring to Android Devices;

  • If your device is listed after 対応端末 then it's compatible.
  • If your device is listed after 非対応端末 then it's not compatible.
  • If your device is listed after 検証中の端末 then they're still testing it out.

Oh, I think it's also worth mentioning this here, but if you're transferring your account from iOS to Android (or vice-versa) you WILL lose all of your stellar stones. Friend Points and Gacha Tickets will still be OK.

How to Download the Game

Via QooApp on Android
  1. Since the game is Region Locked (aka only available in Japan), we'll have to rely on other methods. One way is to download QooApp on your Android to get pass the Region lock.
  2. Open the app and find IDOLiSH7. You may have to search up "IDOLiSH7" or "アイドリッシュセブン". Here's the game icon for reference!
    IDOLiSH7 App icon 2016
  3. The game is free to play, but it does include in-app purchases. It's not necessary to progress or playthrough. So, click on it and click the Download button.

And you're good to go!

Via Apple Store on iOS
  1. Since the game is Region Locked (aka only available in Japan), you must use an account which has access to the Japanese Apple Store.
  2. Once you have access to the Japanese Store, find IDOLiSH7. You may have to search up "IDOLiSH7" or "アイドリッシュセブン". Here's the game icon for reference!
    IDOLiSH7 App icon 2016
  3. The game is free to play, but it does include in-app purchases. It's not necessary to progress or playthrough. So, click on it and click the Download button.

How to Update the Game

Via QooApp on Android
  1. Open the QooApp on your Android phone
  2. Press the person right next to 'My Games'
  3. Find the IDOLiSH7 game icon and tap it.
    IDOLiSH7 App icon 2016
  4. There should be button that says 'Update' press that.
  5. Wait for the update to finish.
  6. Once it finishes, open the app. The update is now completed!

Via Apple Store on iOS

Update the game like you would any regular game on iOS

  1. Open the App Store with your Japanese Apple Account.
  2. Go to the 'Updates' button at the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Find the game app.
    IDOLiSH7 App icon 2016
  4. Once you find the game press the 'Update' button. (if it says open, then the game is already updated!)
  5. Wait for the update to be completed. Don't press the 'square' button, it pauses the download.
  6. Once it says 'Open' the update is completed!


See 'Introduction to the Game'


Title Screen

After waiting for the game to load, you will see either screens.

They'll change each time you finish the main story.
Title ScreenTitle Screen Manga

  • Data Repair (データ修復): Reverts everything to its default options.
  • #Data Transfer: Explained in detail here
  • Contact Us: Form for contacting Bandai Namco Online when you have a problem with the game.
  • Game ID: Randomly generated numbers that are used as your friend code and can also be used to contact support when your account is missing. So, write it down somewhere!

If you don't get any of the above screens and get this; The game is in maintenance

This screen means the game is going under Maintenance! When maintenance happens, everyone is locked out of the game server. If you want to know the contents of each maintenance; check out the Change Log!!

Here are some helpful terms to understand what's the maintenance is about.

  • 【メンテナンスのお知らせ】 → 【Notice of Maintenance】

Translated: Date: Month/Day (Sun/Mon/Tues/Weds/Thurs/Fri/Sat) Start:Time ~ End:Time

Key: 日時:Month/Day(日/月/火/水/木/金/土)Start:Time ~ End:Time

  • ※終了時刻は前後する可能性があります。 Means that end time may change
  • 内容 means Contents; What's listed under is what's contains in the Maintenance.
  • バージョンアップ対応 Means a New Update is Available!
  • イベント準備 Means the maintenance is for the upcoming event.
  • サーバメンテナンス Means there is Server Maintenance.
  • 何卒こ理解の程よろしくお願い致します。 It's just thanking you for waiting patiently.

Home Screen

This is the first page you see after the Title Screen
  • #Rank: Your Player Rank(top big number) and a percentage to your next rank(small number with progress bar)
  • #Badge: Takes you to the badge screen where you can view all of the badges you have obtained.
  • #Life
  • #Gold
  • #Stellar Stones
  • Daily Missions: This button will not be present sometimes. As Daily Missions are only available for a certain amount of time, they come back quite often during special occasions.
  • Daily Lessons: Is where you can obtain tokens for Special Training!
  • #Event Notices: A slideshow featuring the current #Events, Limited #Auditions, Campaigns, or Other Promotions.
  • #Info (Blue Diamond): Recent news can be viewed here in detail.
  • #Mail (Orange Diamond): Gifts and prizes are sent and can be claimed.
  • #Friends (Cyan Diamond): View your friend lists and view your friend codes.
  • #Lives: Leads the player to the song selection screen where they can play a song they have unlocked.
  • #Story: Story Menu where you can access all of the Main story you have unlocked and special stories
  • #Members: The team making screen
  • Audition: Where player can obtain new cards through the gacha system.
  • #Shop

How to Change Background and Character
  • Go to option in the bottom right corner, and press options (the gear)
  • Scroll all the way down to Home Screen Background (HOME背景)
  • You'll be greeted with all the background you currently own.
  • Pick a background then press confirm (設定する)
  • If it has a pink banner on the top left corner, then that background has been set.
Home Screen Background

Home Screen Background List
Image Title Description How to Acquire
Automatic Background Selection

Automatically aligns with the center card of the main team. UR cards will be shown in their original background. Default
IDOLiSH7 A dedicated background for IDOLiSH7. Default
TRIGGER A dedicated background for TRIGGER. Default
Re:vale A dedicated background for Re:vale. Default
SakuraMessage BG
Sakura Message Part 3 Story opening reward. Obtained by unlocking Part 3
No Doubt Silver Sky Event Reward. Obtained by getting 200,000 score in the SILVER SKY ~The Feelings I Want to Keep Believing In~ event.
Water Festival! High Five! Water Festival! Reward. Obtained by getting 205,000 points in the High Five! Water Festival! event.
Home Screen Character0
Home Screen Character1
Home Screen Character2
  • Go to the Members tab on the hot tab, it's the middle button. (it has a person with sparkles around it)
  • Press the button on the far right, you'll be greeted with a screen of all the cards you own
  • Tap on the card you wish to put as your home screen (in this case it's Yamato's Order Please card)
  • Press the Set as Home button (HOMEに設定)
  • It'll ask to confirm your choice, press Confirm (pink button)
  • The Set as Home button will now glow in pink untill you press it again or use a different card.


This will appear once you press the 'Menu' button
Menu Screen
We’ll start from the top!

Notices: Pretty straightforward, it brings you to a screen that looks like this. As you can see, it’s the same notifications that pop up when you open the app, only this time you can view them depending on the category!

Help: Brings you to the list of FAQs and topics for any questions you might have. This is only really helpful if you know Japanese, however! Contact info and how to get in touch with support can be found at #Support!

Regulations/Copyright: Just all the legal stuff and some credits.

Data Transfer Code: THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT SECTION SO #Data Transfer!!!! Make sure you keep your transfer code safe both on paper and digitally!!

Options: This is a pretty giant section on its own so #Options


Owned Items: This isn’t used very much nowadays but these are where items like the #Nanakore are kept.
Special Training Items01Special Training Items02Special Training Items03

Special Training Items: The first two are where you can keep track of the tokens you earn from Daily Lessons and when you complete lives. They are used for special training to increase your card’s stats. The third image is where you can keep track on you UR items, to upgrade your card to UR version of themselves.


Badges: This is where you can see the badges you’ve earned, choose which one to use, and how close you are to achieving other badges! More about the badge system can be found Badge System. You can also access this screen by simply tapping on the active badge at the top of the page between your rank and life bar.

Mailbox: This is where you check for your presents! You can access it from the main screen as well.
  • Print Charmide: A serial code where you can take to a Japanese 7-Elevens, and they'll let you print out a physical copy of the card from their in-store printer. Only a few sets have Print Charmide currently.
    You have to delete these individually if you want them out of your mailbox.

Friends List: This is a list of all of your friends as well as incoming/outgoing friend requests! You can also access this from the main screen!

Profile: This is your player profile that can be seen by others! It includes your;
  • Player name (different from the protagonist name and both can be changed in the #Options menu)
  • Comment; put anything you want here as long as it's in the 15 character limit.
    If you see @___ , it's most likely a Twitter UN.
    If you see ___推し then they support that character! Please read this for more on the 推し meaning.
  • Rank
  • Last login date
  • Main team

The second page (not pictured) also shows the number of perfect combos you’ve achieved for each difficulty as well as your most played song!

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery: contains the CGs you’ve unlocked as you progress through the story.
Card Gallery

Card Gallery: (lit. “Character Gallery”) this section contains all the cards you own and have come across. Those that you do not own but have come across, eg. cards that people on your friend list owns, they will show up in the gallery but they will be blackened. By clicking on the green button you’ll be able to sort all the cards in order by ID, attribute, rarity, and character! Clicking on the pink “filter” button allows you to see ONLY all the cards of the character you choose.

Profile Gallery: Contains IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER, and Re:vale’s profiles. They're translated on their character pages on the wikia!


Aikotoba: Here is where you input the passwords/aikotoba for rewards!
Aikotoba List
Password Reward Last Used
でんげきまつり 7x King's Puddings [Shout] [N], 7x Puddings [Beat] [N], 7x Puddings [Melody] [N] Invalid
シークレットナイト 1x TRIGGER Middle of Rehearsal ~On Air~ Catalogue [SSR] Invalid
アイナナいっしゅうねん 7x Gacha Tickets, 7x Stellar Stones, 1x King's Pudding [Shout] [N], 1x King's Pudding [Beat] [N], 1x King's Pudding [Melody] [N], 1x King's Pudding [Shout] [R], 1x King's Pudding [Beat] [R], 1x King's Pudding [Melody] [R], 1x King's Pudding [SSR], 777 Friend Pts., 7777 Gold Valid
ナンジャでアイナナ 3x King's Pudding [Shout] [R], 3x King's Pudding [Beat] [R], 3x King's Pudding [Melody] [R], 2016 Friend Pts. Valid
フェスインアニメイト 3x King's Pudding [Shout] [R], 3x King's Pudding [Beat] [R], 3x King's Pudding [Melody] [R], 5x Stellar Stones Valid
なつしようぜ 7x Stellar Stones Valid
ありがとうにじゅうまんにん 20x Stellar Stones Valid
またあたらしいゆめをみようよ 7x Stellar Stones Valid
りばーれおめでとう 7x Stellar Stones Valid
これからもあいななしようぜ 20x Stellar Stones Valid
こいのかけら 5x Stellar Stones Valid
さあいっしょにふらいあうぇい 7x Stellar Stones Valid
ありがとうじゅうごまんにん 15x Stellar Stones Valid
ピタゴラスファイター 6x Stellar Stones Valid
アニメイトカフェへようこそ 1x Gacha Ticket, 1x King's Pudding [Shout] [R], 1x King's Pudding [Beat] [R], 1x King's Pudding [Melody] [R] Valid
アニメイトバレホワ 1x Gacha Ticket, 1x King's Pudding [Shout] [R], 1x King's Pudding [Beat] [R], 1x King's Pudding [Melody] [R] Valid
だいにぶおまたせっ 10x Stellar Stones Valid
グッナイ 7x Stellar Stones Valid
モンジェネきこうぜ 1x Gacha Ticket Valid
シクナイきこうぜ 1x Gacha Ticket Valid
アイナナしようぜ 7x Stellar Stones Valid
サンキューフォユアエブリシング 1x 1st Anniversary Flower Card [SSR] Valid
コミックでアイナナたのしもうぜ 1x Pajama Riku drawn by Arina Tanemura [SSR] Valid
コミックでトリガーたのしもうぜ 1x Pajama Tenn drawn by Arina Tanemura [SSR] Valid
おれたちのぎょうざたべないか 3x King's Pudding [Shout] [R], 3x King's Pudding [Beat] [R], 3x King's Pudding [Melody] [R], 1x Gacha Ticket Valid
キャラポップストアにいこう 1x Gacha Ticket, 1x King's Pudding [Shout] [R], 1x King's Pudding [Beat] [R], 1x King's Pudding [Melody] [R] Valid
アニメイトをゆるがす 1x Gacha Ticket, 1x King's Pudding [Melody] [R] Valid
アイナナグッズあつめようぜ 1x Gacha Ticket, 1x King's Pudding [Beat] [R] Valid
アイナナインアニメイト 1x Gacha Ticket, 1x King's Pudding [Shout] [R] Valid
これからもてをつないでさ 7x Stellar Stones Valid
ひきがねをひくのはだれだ 7x Stellar Stones Valid
だいすきじゃたりない 7x Stellar Stones Valid
みらいへとびたて 7x Stellar Stones Valid
いっつらぶげーむ 7x Stellar Stones Valid
だんしたるもの 7x Stellar Stones Valid


This will appear once you press the 'Option' button in the menu

Colored Username
To change the color, you need to use a hex value, or a six-digit color code.
Format your new (player) name like [######]NAME. like so;
Please note that after the hex value part you'll have 7 characters left
as there is a character limit for names.
Home Screen Background
Home Screen Background

Home Screen Background List
Image Title Description How to Acquire
Automatic Background Selection

Automatically aligns with the center card of the main team. UR cards will be shown in their original background. Default
IDOLiSH7 A dedicated background for IDOLiSH7. Default
TRIGGER A dedicated background for TRIGGER. Default
Re:vale A dedicated background for Re:vale. Default
SakuraMessage BG
Sakura Message Part 3 Story opening reward. Obtained by unlocking Part 3
No Doubt Silver Sky Event Reward. Obtained by getting 200,000 score in the SILVER SKY ~The Feelings I Want to Keep Believing In~ event.
Water Festival! High Five! Water Festival! Reward. Obtained by getting 205,000 points in the High Five! Water Festival! event.



Data Transfer

Data Transfer

  • (left button) Issue a password / (after password is issued)change password
  • (right button) How to use
  • (pink text) [Android→iOS] [iOS→Android] If you are transferring between these devices, Stellar Stone won't be transferred over.
  • (black text under pink text) (This also applies to free earned Stellar Stone.) When doing the above methods, please transfer after using all of your Stellar Stones before the Transfer Procedure
  • Friend points and tickets will be fine, it's just your Stellar Stones.

How to issue a Transfer ID

Press the left button(登録) to issue a password

This screen is now asking you to issue a password. You will need the password when you try to transfer your data. You can input any password of your choice as long as it's:
  • Between 8 and 12 characters
  • Comprised of only letters and numbers (other characters are invalid)

Once you've picked a password, put it in both given space. And press the pink button at the bottom to confirm it.


For this tutorial, the password is IDOLiSH7.
I heavily recommend that you don't do this as it's easy to guess.

And once you've gotten through that portion, you're done!
Take a screenshot and write it down somewhere!

If you plan on stealing this account, don't...
Unless you really want a reroll account with Love&Game Mezzo and Respo!Nagi.

How to change your Transfer Password

Press the left button(パスワード再設定) to change your password

Insert your old password character for character in the first column

Insert the new password you want in the second and third column
Press pink button to confirm.

How to check your Transfer ID

Press the pink button in the middle.

Insert your password

Take a new screenshot.

How to transfer accounts from one device to another
Title Screen

On your new device, press the Data Transfer button on the title screen.

Press the second button.

Insert your transfer ID in the first column and password in the second column

If you get this screen it's a success. If not, then retype because it's wrong.

OUTDATED as of Version 2.5.0
Your old transfer codes before Version 2.5.0 will no longer work

If you got your transfer credentials with the following method

you may need to contact Bandai Namco to retrieve your account!

  • 'dis is a code' is where you will find your code.
  • Left Button -> you get a new code.
  • Right Button -> Learn how to use in jpn.
  • Stellar Stones DO NOT carry over from IOS <<>>> Android!!!!!
  • Please write down and screenshot your code and keep it safe.
  • Don't share it to anyone! (unless you don't want your account anymore.)
  • i dont need to screenshot/write it down!!! itunes backup 4 ios will work!!!11!! No. No, it doesn't. Tried it, didn't work. I lost my first account,, that had like 300 stellar stones. (´;Д;`)
  • Will my transfer code only include my data at the time I issued it? Nope! Your transfer code holds ALL of your account data. Let's say you were at Rank 4 when you got your code. and now you're at Rank 45, you will still be at rank 45 when your code is inputted!
How to input code'

Remember~ once you've used a transfer code, you'll have to get a new one.


  • Will my transfer ID only include my data at the time I issued it? No. It will include all of your current account data.
  • Does the transfer ID ever expire / how many time can I use a transfer ID? No. You can use the Transfer ID as many times as you want. You can change the password though by pressing the left button.


List of Items
Item Effect How to obtain Expires
Icon - Stellar Stone
Stellar Stone
Used for scouting,
recovers AP to max for three,
increase member storage space for three
Bought in the store
point/rank rewards in events,
live and kinako challenges,
completing daily missions,
login bonus,
special campaign rewards,
Icon - Gacha Ticket
Gacha Ticket
Guarantee scout for an SR+ Point/Rank reward bonuses in events,
Live and Kinako challenges,
login bonus,
special campaign rewards
Icon - Friend Point
Gacha Ticket
Scout in the Friend Point gacha Point reward bonuses in events,
Live and Kinako challenges,
login bonus,
Friend assists
Icon - Gold
Idolizing cards,
Leveling cards with other cards
Point reward bonuses in events,
Live and Kinako challenges,
login bonus,
selling cards,
Icon - NanaCollection
Getting one cards of that Nanakore's set Special campaign rewards Never
Icon - Event Points
Event Points
Event Point bonus Kinako challenges The end of that event
Shout (icon)Melody (icon)Beat (icon)
Attribute Tokens
Special Training cards Event rewards Never
Icon - Double Sharp (bronze)Icon - Double Sharp (silver)Icon - Double Sharp (gold)
Character Tokens
Special Training cards Event rewards Never
Icon - Story Live (Part 2)
Story Live Bookmarks
(Part 2)
Unlocking certain chapters in story 2 Completing Story Live requirements Never
Icon - Story Live (Part 3)
Story Live Bookmarks
(Part 3)
Unlocking certain chapters in story 3 Completing Story Live requirements Never



  • Main Story: Obtained by fulfilling certain requirements, fully voiced.
  • Side Story: Obtained via completing that Story, not voiced.
  • Special Story: Obtained via Special campaigns, sometimes voiced, most not.

  • Stories can show original CGs regarding that chapter, one per chapter.
  • Finishing a chapter in the main story will sometimes reward you with a gacha ticket
  • Regarding all stories;
    • Will give you 10exp once completing each part
    • Has a little Kinako drawing at the bottom

Story Lives

  • In Story 2 and onwards, the unlocking story system changed a bit, now in order to progress you need to complete that Story Live requirements which will earn you bookmarks, you use two bookmarks to unlock the story.
  • It's not required to get all three bookmarks as you only need two to progress. You don't get anything special for getting all of them.
  • A story live costs 30 LP at first, but once you get two bookmarks it will cost 15 LP.
  • You can't play using a Friend Assists cards.


See Audition for more information

Gacha kills
  • What most people call "scouting"
  • Scouting is a way to get new cards to build your teams via RNG.
  • IDOLiSH7 is different from other games as it includes all of the main cast for sets.
    • We do have missing cards and groups though...
  • It takes 10 Stellar Stones to scout once and 100 Stellar Stones to scout 10+1 cards at one time.
    • When Discount happens the cost is cut in half (5 Stellar Stones for one scout and 50 to scout 10+1)


  • When there's an event going on, this is where the cards go, replacing the Regular Gacha.
  • Include the same cards that of the Regular Gacha
  • Includes cards that follow a specific theme(sets) which usually have Gacha rate up for those cards only.
  • Normally sets are released in groups with all groups having a discount for one solo pull of 5 Stellar Stones while the last group has a discount for one 10+1 pull of 50 stellar stones.
  • Most Limited sets come back in a form of Scout Catalog or Revival.
    • Except Ichiban Kuji sets. They're special in the way that they are solely limited, currently none of them have come back in any form.

  • Gacha Rates
    • Via Stellar Stones
      • SSR > 5%
      • SR > 15%
      • R > 80%
    • Via Gacha Tickets
      • SSR > 20%
      • SR > 80%

Regular Gacha

  • When there's nothing going on, this is the normal scouting pool.
  • Permanent cards go here, limited do not.

  • Gacha Rates
    • Via Stellar Stones
      • SSR > 5%
      • SR > 15%
      • R > 80%
    • Via Gacha Tickets
      • SSR > 20%
      • SR > 80%


  • Only N and R cards are included.
  • You're able to do one free roll every day.
  • It takes 100 Friend Points to solo, and it takes 1000 Friend Points to do a 10 scout.

Note: There is no difference in rarity rates whether you scout once or 10x in the scout. There are also no rarity guarantees either.


A special Birthday Audition pool is opened which features the month's birthday character's cards only. Cards from certain previous sets are returned to this special audition pool.

  • Gacha Rates
    • Via Stellar Stones
      • SSR > 8%
      • SR > 42%
      • R > 50%
    • Via Gacha Tickets
      • SSR > 20%
      • SR > 80%

Gacha Banner - 2017 New Year Revival
  • Includes past limited sets.
  • Do not happen often, only happens on special occasions.
    • New Year's (around there)
    • Game Anniversary (August 20th)

  • Gacha Rates
    • Via Stellar Stones
      • SSR > ??
      • SR > ??

Scout Catalog

Scout Catalog

The feature is accessible through the Audition tab, to the left of the Rare Audition. You will see a pudding floating around to the left, which shows you the amount of SP you have. (as shown above)

There are two ways to obtain Scout Points (SP):

  1. Scout any card in the Rare Audition. No matter what you get (R, SR, or SSR) you will obtain 10 SP for each card you scout in the Rare Audition. A solo scout will reward you with 10 SP, while a 10+1 scout will award you with 110 SP!
    • Pickup SSRs would be 17 full 10+1 scouts which gives 1870 SP (11∗10=110∗17=1870)
    • Non pickup SSRs would be 19 full 10+1 scouts which gives 2090 SP (11∗10=110∗19=2090 )
  2. Selling SSRs. Each SSR you sell will award you with 1 SP. However, if the card is at its max level, you will get 5 SP instead of 1! (This is only by selling! Not practicing!)

Scout Catalog Navigation

The catalogue will show you the cards currently available for “Pick Up”. Pick Up is a feature that discounts the amount of SP needed to exchange for a card. In this image Yamato and Mitsuki's Order Please cards are available for Pick Up with 1800 SP rather than the usual 2000 SP.

Pick Up is only available for a certain amount of days. You can find the remaining days reported in “Availability”. In this case, these two cards are only available for Pick Up for 2 more days. After the two days are over, a new set of cards will be available for Pick Up. Don’t worry if you couldn’t get the previous cards; they will be available in the regular catalogue even after the Pick Up period is over, but the cost will be reverted to the regular SP needed to exchange.

Remaining tell you the amount of times you will be able to exchange for a card. For Order Please Yamato, you can only exchange SP for this card twice, and after that it no longer becomes available.

  • Point A: If you exchange for a card once, it'll be temporarily locked even though you still have exchanges left. You have to wait untill the 4:00 (JST) to be able to exchange for another (Pudding don't apply.)

The Monthly List shows the entire pool of cards available to scout:


The list will show you what's currently in the Scout Catalogue + the SP needed for exchange, as well as the cards that are available for Pick Up. You can filter by character or by skill if needed, and each card has a limit to how many times it can be scouted and when it is available.


“Next Pick Up Announcement” (found at the top of the page) with Banri on it shows the next week’s Pick Up cards! Cards available for Pick Up are always available for a certain amount of time, and once that time period is over a new set of cards will be available! Banri’s announcement will show you the cards that will be added to Pick Up.

The “History” button to the right of Banri’s announcement banner shows you your history of when you scouted a certain card from the Catalogue, also with the amount of SP you exchanged for it. It’s a helpful log to have just in case! Helpful to get your account back if you lose it.

How to get a Card out of the Scout Catalog
Picked a card you want? Cool! Press the scout button or just tap it in Full Catalogue mode and it'll take you to this screen!
  • If you press the button under the card it'll take you to its base stats
  • If you press the blue button it'll take you back.
  • The pink button is to accept the card.

This screen is just another confirmation saying this is the amount of SP you're losing, what you have left after the exchange and the card you're getting do you really want it?

  • Press the blue button if you want to rethink your decision
  • Press the pink button if you actually want it

The exchange is complete! Normally you wouldn't get the bubble of to the side which is just saying that a Print Charmide comes with the card. If you want another copy of the card, you have to wait untill 4:00 (JST) to get another.

  • Print Charmide: A serial code where you can take to a Japanese 7-Elevens, and they'll let you print out a physical copy of the card from their in-store printer. Only a few sets have Print Charmide currently.



This is what you'll see when you press the Member button.

  • This is your main team, or what you set as your main team.
  • This team is what your friend see when they look at your profile, as shown earlier in the Friends section of the guide.
  • The center card of this team is what people will use as their assist card when they enter lives.
  • It's also the card that'll appear on your home screen if you don't have anything specific set.


  • Select Members will let you manually change your card of your teams. You can also tap the card icon to change the card.
  • Auto Select Members will automatically select your five strongest; Shout, Beat, and Melody cards stat wise.
  • Delete Team will, well, delete that team; it takes off all of the current cards on that team to allow you to replace with new cards. Please note that it won't allow you to delete that team if its your main team.
  • The big pink button in top right corner is what indicates if it's your main team or not. You can change it by going to a different team and pressing it.
  • Change team name will allow you to change the name of that team. There's a 15 character limit tho.
  • The five dots and the the arrow of to the side will switch you to a different team. You're only allowed to have five teams and you cannot expand that number.
    • Most go with the; Main, Training, Shout, Beat, Melody format with teams.


  • Can you have 2 cards of the same character in your team / Can I have a full team of one card?
    • Yes you can!


  • When you press the Practicing button, it'll take you to a list of all of your cards. Pick the card you want to level up.
  • Once you pick a card you want to level up pick the cards you want to use to "feed" you main card by pressing any of the plus signs. You're only able to use ten cards per "feed", anymore than that the game will stop you.
    • If you use a duplicate of that card, it will increase the appeal skill.
  • Anyways, Press the pink button to re-pick your choices or press the blue button to confirm your choices.
  • If you look above your card you want to feed you'll see how much exp it'll take to level it up or if it levels up on Base Success.
  • Press the pink button in the middle and you card will be leveled up!
  • Oh, by the way this uses gold so you better have a bunch of that.
  • Your card has been leveled up!
    • Most of the time you'll get "Base Success" which is normal. But occasionally you'll get a "Great Success" or a "Brilliant Success" which raises amount of exp you earn. "Great Success" will give 1.5 times more than base and "Brilliant Success" will give 2.0 times more than base.

I just played an event and got a whole bunch of pudding cards!! what are they for? Their main purpose are to serve as EXP cards; aka Max Leveling™ really fast. The SSR King Pudding, if feed, will increase the appeal skill.


You're able to change rarity of your card by upgrading it! Here are the current rarities from weakest to strongest.
Normal (N) → Rare (R) → Star Rare (SR) → Super Star Rare (SSR) → Ultra Rare (UR)

Here are the requirements to upgrading a card

  • At least one exact duplicate of said card (doesn't need to be same level)
  • 10,000 Gold

Please keep in mind that not all cards can be upgraded to SSR or UR for that matter!

Tip: It’s best that if you're able to, idolize your card when they're both at level 1 with no special training done to any of them (unless we're talking about URs here), as they'll go back to level 1 and all shiny new.

  • When you press the upgrade button, it'll take you to a list of all of your cards. Pick the card you want to upgrade.
  • Pick your other duplicate card
    • If your other duplicate card is in Favorite Lock mode, unlock it otherwise you won't be able to upgrade it.
  • Press the pink button
  • Congratulations~ you now have upgraded your card to a higher rarity.

How to Idolize SSRs to URs
IDOLiSH7's URs are a bit different than every other idol game you probably played, if you played any others that is. Well the main difference is that you cannot get them through normal means. You cannot obtain them via Scouting (yet) but instead you must focus on the highest rarity you can scout, SSRs.

URs can be idolized from two copies of SSRs. Unlike the regular method of idolizing, idolizing SSRs into URs have more requirements:

  • You must have two copies of the SSR card
  • At least one card need to be fully special trained
  • You must obtain 50 Attribute Hearts (explained below) that matches the attribute of your SSR
  • You must obtain Idol Hearts (explained below). 7 Idol Hearts are needed to awaken.
  • 20,000 Gold

First off, your initial card (aka your first copy) needs to be fully special trained. All slots of your card must be filled up completely. If you don’t know how many tokens it takes to fully train an SSR:

  • R-based SSRs (An Ordinary Day, Ainana Police, etc.) = 6 bronze tokens
  • SR-based SSRs (Summer Memories, Job, etc.) = 18 bronze tokens, 12 silver tokens
  • Pure SSRs (Outdoor Fes, Indoor Fes, etc.) = 45 bronze tokens, 27 silver tokens, 18 gold tokens

Note that your initial copy does not have to be at level 60. The level doesn’t matter at all actually.

Your second copy does not have to be fully trained nor does it have to be at max level. However, your second copy like normal, must not be in a team, and it must not be locked. If you don’t have a second copy, you will either have to spend SP for it (during Pick-Up, the cost is 1800 SP; if not, the cost is 2000 SP) or get lucky when you scout in the Rare Audition with rate ups.


In this example, Sogo Osaka (Outdoor Festival 2) is a Beat card, so one must collect 50 Beat Hearts to idolize him and 7 Idol hearts.

Having a fully trained initial card + a second copy of the same SSR will allow you to idolize, but not before you obtain the necessary “hearts”.

“Attribute Hearts” are exactly what they sound: heart-like jewels that have to match with the attribute of your card. They are similar to the “souls” in special training.

  • Shout Heart: ShoutHeart
  • Beat Heart: BeatHeart
  • Melody Heart: MelodyHeart

“Idol Hearts” are the other item needed to idolize an SSR. Idol Hearts can be used for any idol and are not character specific. However, they are much rarer compared to the Attribute Hearts. 7 Idol Hearts are needed to idolize an SSR.

  • Idol Hearts: Idol Heart

Currently the only way to obtain Attribute and Idol Hearts is to play in events via a point reward or a ranking reward.

There are a limited amount of cards that can be idolized into URs so far. It’s likely that they will slowly add in more idolizable cards in the future.

These are the cards that can be idolized into URs as of August 11th, 2017:

Once you idolize your cards into a UR, the home screen will change into a set background exclusive to that UR. There will also be nice sparkles on the UR icon when it appears in your member list or on your friend list!

Special Training

Once you unlock chapter 8 in the main story, not only can you start playing the daily lessons but you can start special training your cards! This means that you can essentially train your card’s main attribute stat past its level 60 max!

For example, Nagi Rokuya (White Day) has a max Beat stat of 4,863 at level 60. However, with special training you can add 1,800 to that Beat attribute and actually raise it to 6,663!

However, how much you’re able to special train a card depends on its BASE RARITY.

  • Cards with an R base (i.e. i7 Academy/i7 Police) only have three slots
    • 6 bronze tokens
  • Cards with an SR bases (i.e. Summer/End of Year Live), have six slots
    • 18 bronze tokens, 12 silver tokens
  • Pure SSRs (like White Day) have the full nine slots.
    • 45 bronze tokens, 27 silver tokens, 18 gold tokens

How to obtain Souls and Tokens
You can get these a few ways;
  • The main way is to do it via Daily Lessons button found on the home screen.
  • You can also get it in events as point rewards, clearing prizes and ranking rewards.

For this guide, we'll be using daily lessons as that is open at all times. Here is The schedule for daily lessons:

Monday - Friend Lessons

  • Increased Friend Points

Tuesday - Shout Lessons

  • Increased chances of getting Shout attribute souls

Wednesday - Melody Lessons

  • Increased chances of getting Melody attribute souls

Thursday - Beat Lessons

  • Increased chances of getting Beat attribute souls

Friday - Stamina Lessons

  • Increased EXP earned

Saturday - Gold Lessons

  • Increased Gold drop

Sunday - Special Lessons

  • You can choose which of the 6 lessons you want to carry out on the yellow bar on top, to try and get the items you want. They are in the same order as the days which means the first one you see is for Friend Lessons and so on

I’ve bolded the ones you need to remember for special training! This is because not only do attribute souls drop but character tokens too! Character tokens are slightly different as they have the music symbol of that character on them. The information for everyone's music symbols are found on their specific character pages!

You will only earn tokens for the character you have as your center!! Meaning that if you play a song with a team (any team, it does not have to be your main team) that has a Sougo center then you will have a chance to earn ONLY mezzo forte (mf) tokens. The types of tokens are dependent on the difficulty level for the song you play:

  • Easy/Normal: Bronze tokens
  • Hard: Silver and Bronze tokens
  • Expert: Gold, Silver, and Bronze tokens

Like so! Sadly, character tokens are not always guaranteed. There’s been a lot of theories, speculations, and jinxes about how to increase the drop rate of the character tokens but so far nothing has been confirmed and everything is all lucked based.

How to Special Train Your Cards
  • Press the green button on the member page
  • Pick the card you want to special train
  • Make sure you meet the requirements for at least one level
  • Press the pink button
  • Congratulations you have successfully special trained a card by one level!
  • If you fully special train a card, the border will change as shown above!

Card List / Selling Cards

If you press the Card List button, you'll be able to look at a list of all the cards you currently own. BUT there is more! You can also sell cards here! Here's how!

  • At the bottom right corner you'll see a blue box with お別れ on it. Press it!
  • Now pick the cards you want to sell, you can cancel this process anytime by pressing the 解除 pink button.
  • Above the pink button you'll see the amount of Gold you earn by selling.
  • You're only allowed to sell 20 at a time.
  • If you sell an SSR you'll get 1 Scout Point, but if you sell and SSR at Max Leveled (not special trained, max level) you'll earn 5 Scout points.
  • If you sell a UR you'll get 10 Scout Point, but if you sell and UR at Max Leveled (not special trained, max level) you'll earn 30 Scout points.
  • Once you're done picking your cards, press 決定, the blue button and it'll take you to confirmation screen of the cards you're going to sell. Press the pink button if you want to actually sell or press the blue button if you want to rethink your decision.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully sold some cards and now you have more space!

Card Interface

This is the standard card info image, which you can reach by selecting cards from your card list.

All cards can fall under one of these three attributes. These are represented with a color and a symbol. The attributes are Shout (red), Beat (green), and Melody (blue). The symbols are pictured below.
Shout (icon)Beat (icon)Melody (icon)

and are found in the top left of every card. They play a surprisingly important role in making your cards stronger, particularly for leveling up and for special training. What the attributes mean in this regard will be explained more in the appropriate sections below.


IDOLiSH7 has 5 rarities. In general order from weakest to strongest, they are:

Normal (N) → Rare (R) → Star Rare (SR) → Super Star Rare (SSR) → Ultra Rare (UR)

IDOLiSH7 allows cards to Awaken from one rarity into the next. To do this, look at the Idolizing/Upgrading part of this guide. The rarity of the card also determines various aspects relating to level and training, which will be detailed below.

Trust (commonly called Affection)

Cards naturally gather affection (heart points) every time you use them in a live. The center will receive 2 points for every live completed, while the other cards will receive 1. Affection doesn’t do anything to affect the stats; rather, raising affection allows you to unlock Rabbit Chats, which function as text messages between you (the manager) and the idol for that card. These chats usually deal with the scenario or background of the card, and also offer a lot of insight to the character and their relationship with others outside of the realm of the main story. A card with a heart completely filled reading MAX means that card’s affection has reached 100%, but you will otherwise see the % affection gathered and the heart slowly fill up from empty.

Rabbit Chats

Selecting the smartphone will bring you to the Rabbit Chat screen


A fully visible chat means it’s been unlocked; the green marker on the right side indicates the chat has been unread. Any chats that are greyed out mean they haven’t been unlocked. The numbers on the right side indicate what is necessary to unlock them.

  • Unlocked at 5% affection
  • Unlocked at 20% affection
  • Unlocked at 40% affection
  • Unlocked at 80% affection
  • Unlocked at both 100% affection and Level 55

While some special cards (like novel/CD/manga extras, recent event rewards) and the Cadets have slightly different rules, most IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER, and Re:vale SSRs gotten from the gacha or Awakened from lower rarities have 5 chats and follow the above unlocking conditions.

If you select the smartphone again, you will be brought back to the card info screen.


All cards (obviously) start at Level 1, but the Max Level is determined by the card’s rarity.

  • N: 30
  • R: 40
  • SR: 50
  • SSR: 60
  • UR: 70

The easiest way to strengthen your cards is by increasing the level. Gathering experience points to level your cards can be done in two ways.

  • The first is to simply put your card in a live. Cards acquire a fixed number of experience points per live based on the difficulty and your score grade.
  • The second is by Practicing your cards away, which requires extra cards you don’t need, and the gold necessary to feed them. You can use regular cards, or the special experience fodder King Pudding cards for this.

    There is a little more to Practicing than just feeding cards, however: the attribute of your cards determines how much experience you get. Unless your goal is to get one specific card to max level as quickly as possible, be careful in how you choose your cards to Practice! Cards of the same attribute give 50% more experience than a card of the same level but a different attribute. For example, for Riku above, a level 24 Beat SSR will give 1770 experience, but a level 24 Shout SSR will give 2655 experience.

Special Training
The bane of most players’ existence, but hands down the most important way to strengthen your cards. All of the basics of special training have already been earlier in the guide so take a look at that.

A few separate notes that may help with special training:
  • Special training only increases the stat matching your card’s attribute. So putting a Shout card through special training will only increase the Shout stat of the card.
  • If you want character tokens, you can do lessons on any of the attribute days. Even if you use a Shout center on Beat Lesson Day, your character tokens will still drop.
  • If you want attribute tokens, you must do lessons during the appropriate lesson day. Even if you have a Shout center on Beat Lesson Day, only Beat attribute tokens will drop.
  • For the highest stats, you’re probably better off training pure SSR cards, because they have more training slots.
  • Most cards increase by 200 points in their matching attribute for every special training slot filled. URs increase by 250 points.
  • Special training requires gold. If you don’t have enough, you cannot special train.

As you train a card, the slots in this area will fill up. Slots that are filled with the attribute symbol have been trained; slots that look liked greyed over attribute symbols can still be trained, while completely blank spots, found only on cards with a base rarity lower than SSR and on select special cards that can’t be trained at all, indicate you cannot train those slots at all.


All cards N through SSR use their attribute tokens plus their character tokens in special training. UR cards, however, use another item (Idol Souls) that are only given out in events.


10 of them are required for each special training slot in addition to the usual number of other tokens. Since URs have 6 slots, this means that to fully special train a UR, you need

  • Attribute Souls: 54 1* Souls, 30 2* Souls, 6 3* Souls
  • Character Tokens: 30 Bronze Tokens, 19 Silver Tokens, 12 Gold Tokens
  • Idol Souls: 60 Idol Souls

Card Stats
These numbers are used to help build teams, and are especially important during Score Attack Events (when ranking is based on cumulative high score). Though a card can only be one attribute, the stats are spread out through all three attributes. The stat matching the attribute of the card is usually the strongest without special training, and definitely will be the strongest with special training.

These stats are additive, so to figure out the stats of your team all you need to do is add all the Shout stats, all the Beat stats, and all the Melody stats to get your three numbers. As attributes change in lives (indicated via the background changing colors), the game will switch to using the appropriate attribute stat to calculate your score (using some kind of magic math formula nobody’s figured out yet).

This message shows up on certain cards only during events. If a gacha and event happen at the same time, odds are the cards added to the gacha will be helpful in some way during the event. This most often happens during points events, wherein ranking is decided by how many points you can get through grinding songs over and over. The RESTART POiNTER cards were added to the gacha in tandem with the “RESTART POiNTER ~Let’s See a New Dream Together~” event; as a result, each RESPO card added a 20% boost to the points earned, as seen here. Cards with Efficacy always have the details written here, and you can assume that they will give a XX% boost to the event type (either score or points).

Center Skills

Center Skills have a chance of activating at the beginning of each live. As the title implies, only the center of your team (plus your friend) will have a chance at activating these skills, so it’s important to place the card with the strongest Center Skill at the center of your team.

Center Skills all focus on giving a boost to the matching attribute of your center card. Putting a Shout card in the center will give you a chance to give a boost to your Shout stats, and only your Shout stats. The various skills were introduced in waves, but the important things to look for are the percent and the scale word.

The percent indicates the chance it has of activating. If your center flashes on your screen before the notes start streaming, congrats! Your Center Skill has activated.

If you want to find out the center skill of your card, you can be find it on that card's page!

Appeal Skills

Appeal Skills activate periodically throughout the live; this is what’s happening when the cards flash on the upper side of screen. They come in four broad categories:

  • Lockers
    • Lockers are cards that, for a fixed period of time, change certain notes to Perfect. These cards affect the scoring in two ways. The initial group of Lockers increased BAD to Perfect (blue timer during lives), while the Perfection Gimmick set introduced a new group that increased MISS to Perfect (magenta timer during lives).
  • Score Up
    • Score Up cards increase your base score for one tap after certain conditions are met. The score will go up in the next available note to tap, and only on that note.
  • Guard
    • One of the new skills, these have a chance of activating at the beginning of a live and give you a fixed number of chances to turn MISS into GOOD/Perfect.
  • Exchange
    • Another set of new skills. Exchange cards come in two varieties. The first variety increases the judgement area in exchange for decreasing your score; the second predictably decreases the judgement area in exchange for increasing your score.

All of these appeal skills have skill levels, which change based on rarity. R and lower cards have no skill; SR cards can go to level 3; SSR to level 4; and UR to level 5. These levels can be increased by:

  • Awakening a card. The skill level of any card above SR that’s then Awakened automatically puts the resulting card at Skill Level 2.
  • Practicing identical cards. They give a fixed amount of experience based on the card’s rarity.
  • Using the special Skill Strengthening King Pudding, which is given out as part of the ranking awards during an event.

Fave Lock
This is simply a button that lets you lock cards so that you don’t accidentally Practice them, sell them, or otherwise get rid of them. As viewed from this screen, a card that is locked will have a pink button, with the lock closed; an unlocked card will show a blue button with an open lock.

Other Card Views

There are plenty of other places and ways to see your cards, and they all have various bits of information as well

The Card Gallery
The Card Gallery at a glance allows you to see all the cards in the game. If the cards are vibrant, that means you personally own them now or have owned them at some point. However, cards that seem slightly greyed are ones you don’t own that you added to the gallery via choosing a friend during a live that had that card as their center. A blank slot means you haven’t found a way to put that image in the gallery yet.
Card Gallery

By choosing a card from the card gallery, you get a similar screen to the one you get by going to your card collection.
Card Gallery01

All cards in the card gallery default to showing their base stats at Level 1. However, if you have a card completely leveled up and completely trained, you can press the 切り替え (switch) button to then show the card’s max stats.
Card Gallery02

This option is only available on cards you have previously maxed out; the button is otherwise greyed out.
Card Gallery03

Main Team Select

When you go to your members tab, you see your Main Unit first.

You’re also given some basic information about your cards on this screen:
  • Card Level
  • Card Attribute (the colored banner)
  • Card Rarity
  • Efficacy (the flashing star)

Small Card View
Card List

When you go into your card collection, you’ll see these smaller cards. From this screen, you can see:
  • Card Level
  • Card Attribute (the colored border)
  • Card Rarity
  • Efficacy (the flashing star)
  • Fave Lock (the heart in the lower left corner)
  • Unread Rabbit Chats (the smartphone balloon)
  • Current Unit Member (the pink banner)

When in your card collection, every card in all of your units will have the pink banner. If you’re trying to change out a card for one of your specific units and go into the card select screen, only the cards in the unit you are currently editing will have the banner.


These are also the versions of the cards you can see when you go to look at your sub units. In this view, only the Attribute, Level, Rarity, Efficacy, and Fave Lock are visible.



This is what you'll see when you press the Lives button.

  • Pudding Rush (the King Pudding, if it's asleep it's not active)
    • Instead of earning cadets for live drops, you'll be able to get pudding for a schedule amount of time!
  • Event Top
    • Will take you to the event page if there is an ongoing event.
  • The 一部曲, 二部曲, 三部曲, 特別曲 buttons at the top
    • Button navigation for songs sorted by when you unlocked them in the story.
    • 特別曲 means Special Songs. Song obtained through special ways (ex: finishing all of Part 1 of the story).
  • Song's Attribute Pie Chart
    • This chart represents the percentage of the song’s attributes. If the song attribute matches the attribute of the unit it will raise the score significantly.
  • (Global) Ranking
    • Your score ranking compared to other players.
  • Live Challenges
    • All song has their own challenges, if you complete these challenges you will gain rewards!
  • Song Selection!!
    • When you read the story within the game, you'll unlock more songs!
  • Selecting the difficulty!!
    • Choose which difficulty you would like to play the song in!!
  • Next Button
    • After choosing which song you want to play press this button. It will lead you to the player assist page.

After picking a player or friend from the assist page, pick a team you want to play with via the arrows off to the side if you have any other teams. Press the back button at the top right anytime you want to change something.

Live AssistsLive Assists Translated

This screen shows the Live Assists. Sometimes this screen doesn't show to everyone, (because you probably turned it off by pressing the check mark in the top right) so press the ライブアシスト (yellow button) to make it show manually.

that's natsu shiyouze 8*

A few things happen once you a finish a live.

  • You Rank Up
    • When you rank up, your LP is fully replenished (it doesn't overflow)
    • Starting at rank 50 you are given 5 free members slots for every 25 ranks (up until the current max rank of 400)
    • You can get a singular Gacha ticket. During the first 60 levels, you need to level up by 20 to get a Gacha Ticket. After 60, it’s every 10 levels for a Gacha Ticket.
  • Some stuff drops (mainly cadets and attribute tokens)
  • Your cards level up or gain exp depending on how you did.
  • Trust (commonly called Affection) will raise up on all of your cards
  • You get to send a friend request to the person you played with (if they weren't your friend before)


Event Banner - Pythag Fight
Example of an Event Banner
  • Events are special periods of time with center-themed cards. They happen at random, but mostly happen once per month and last up to 8 (10 days max)
  • Sometimes the cards released before the Event has special features that come with them
    • Special Sound Effects, Event Bonuses, ect.
  • Events follow a ranking system where the lower you are rank wise the more special the stuff you can get. You'll only earn the items you earned at your end rank.
  • Besides from the ranking system, there are also set point rewards (such as UR items and Pudding) that you gain at different point tiers.

For more information about Events see the Event Guide


Shop Banner
  • Stellar Stone Tab
    • Buy more stellar stones with irl money
  • The heart tab
    • Replenish life with 3 Stellar Stones
  • The Bag
    • Buy more Member storage with 3 Stellar Stones (yellow tab)
    • Buy more Pudding storage with 3 Stellar Stones (green tab)
  • Clearing House (Pudding)
    • Collet rank rewards if the event banner has disappeared (yellow Tab)
    • Exchange tokens you earned from events for FP and Gold (green tab)


  • Press Accept (pink button off to the side)
  • Pick a card you want
  • Blue button to see base stats
  • Pink button if you want it
  • Another confirmation comes up,
    • Pink button if you actually want it
    • Blue button if you change your mind.
  • Congrats you have just used your nanakore.

Redeeming Serial Codes

These can also be obtained multiple ways, but they involve buying the item that it is bundled with. For example, the special Ten and Riku cards drawn by Arina-sensei were both bundled in the manga and novel when they were released. Sometimes magazines also have present codes. CDs are another way to obtain them; for example the MEZZO” CD contains a special present code for a special card! Either way you will have to buy the actual item that is associated with it.

Step-by-Step Tutorial on how to redeem

First you must go on the official website. The present code box is to the side circled in red.

When you get to the page you must enter in some information. The first option is the campaign box, which is basically asking “Where did you get this code from?”

Now you must give your Game ID (there’s a tutorial on how to do so on the page itself) and the present code you have obtained. Then just confirm and if all of the info is correct it will be rewarded to you in-game via mailbox!

Character's Birthday

Character's Birthday
Gacha Banner - (2017) Happy Birthday Gaku
  • 5 Stellar stone Login Bonus
  • A separate gacha box for the specific character.
  • A new birthday card for that specific character, can be gotten through their gacha.
    • Past birthday cards are in the Scout Catalog and are at pick up.

Resetting your Account

  • Android: Go to the application manager > force stop and then clear data
  • iOS: Deleting the app itself and redownloading it.

Additional Resources

Contacting Bandai Namco
If you ever need to contact Bandai Namco for any reasons, such as lost of an account or want to give some feedback, they really appreciate getting feedback from fans! Please refer to this post made by the English Tumblr Team as there is a lot of information involved and this guide is already really long.

Official Pages
Official Website Favicon Official Site Twitter Favicon Twitter Youtube favicon Youtube
Other Communities
Japan Flag Japanese Fan Blog Tumblr favicon The English Tumblr Reddit favicon Reddit
IDOLiSH7 Novel Cover
IDOLiSH7 Manga Cover Volume 3
IDOLiSH7 Anime

Thanks and Credits
  • Special thanks to the The English Tumblr Team for letting us copy and paste some of their writing.
  • Credit to Uno for some of the translation
  • Thanks Future for giving me criticism on some of the editing.
  • Written and Edited by Natsushi i lost seven years of my life making this.

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