IDOLiSH7 Twelve Fantasia!

What is Twelve Fantasia?
IDOLiSH7 Twelve Fantasia! is is a PS Vita game based on the IDOLiSH7 series released on February 15, 2018. The game takes place between part 2 and part 3 of the story and includes a new original song sung by IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER, and Re:vale. In the game, the idol you spend the most time raising sings the solo in the new song. Re:vale also has a new song that's in the game!

Things to Take Note About this Guide
This is the translation of the tutorial presented in Twelve Fantasia itself.

This guide is mainly written by mod Sarah from the ENG Tumblr!

Concert Venues Edit

12F Guide - Concert Venues
  • Go around to every concert venue and deliver their voice to the fans!
  • Increase your "Follow Rank" and challenge even more difficult lives!

Venue Data Edit

12F Guide - Venue Data
  1. Follow Rank: Follow Rank needed to perform at the venue.
  2. Audience Objective: The number of audience members you're aiming for. The higher the number, the more difficult the live.
  3. Audience Esimate: The number of audience members you can gather based on idol abilities. Having it equal to or greater than the Objective is your goal.
  4. Enthusiasim: A gauge expressing how excited the region is for the tour. It gives a bonus to both your Audience Estimate and Live Clear rewards.
  5. Appeal Points: The specific Appeal Point important in the region. (V/D/P) Affects your Audience Estimate and the score you recieve during lives.
  6. Regional Fave: The idol given the most focus in the region. Gives a variety of bonuses if picked out during scheduling.
  7. Time Clear: The number of times you've cleared this live.
  8. Followers Required: The number of followers acquired by clearing this live. (Total Followers/Max Followers)
  9. KinaCoins Acquired: The number of KinaCoins Acquired by clearing this live. (Total KinaCoins/Max KinaCoins)

Main Menu Edit

12F Guide - Main Menu
  1. Schedule: Decide the idols' daily scheule.
  2. Status: Check the idols' status.
  3. Venue Data: Check the live venue data.
  4. Can Badges: Purchase/Equip character badges.
  5. Episodes: Rewatch event scenes you've previously viewed.
  6. Album: Review and check event images and tutorial images.
  7. System: Preform save and load operation, and change settings.
  8. Rabbitter: Read the idols' social media posts.

Schedule Card Types and Effects Edit

12F Guide - Schedule Card Types and Effects
  • [Lesson] Vocal 1h ~ 5h: Increase an idol's "Vocal" status.
  • [Lesson] Dance 1h ~ 5h: Increase an idol's "Dance" status.
  • [Lesson] Performance 1h ~ 5h: Increase an idol's "Performance" status.
  • [Outside Work] 1h ~ 5h: Increase an region's "Enthusiasm". Increase an idol's "Follower" count.
  • [Starred Cards]: Decrease an idol's fatigue. (Up to 3★, for three total ranks)
  • [Kinako]: Adds one ★ to all cards held.
  • [King Pudding]: Something good happens at random.
  • [Event Card] 1h: Triggers a backstage event. Increases effects of Lessons or Outside Work.
    • Affects schedule only after event is triggered.
    • Effective only on that day.

Scheduling Edit

12F Guide - Scheduling
  • Put the schdule cards into the timetable and draw up a daily schedule.
  • Depending on how long your schedule runs (h), your idols' combined stamina gauge will decrease. Pay attention to everyone's condition.
  • Set unneeded schedule cards to be disposed and they will be torn up once the day has passed.
  • When you want to use the "Recommended" option and have the cards set automatically, empty the timetable and press ■

Team Composition Edit

12F Guide - Team Composition
  • For each schedule item (Lesson/Outside work) you can choose three separate members.
  • The character in the center with the crown is the group leader. You can expect great growth. Go ahead and use your fave.
  • 【High Tension】 Idols that greet you with energy in the morning experience high tension. (One idol at a time)
  • 【Regional Fave】 The idols favored most in the region. (Up to three per region)
  • Putting "High Tension" or "Regional Fave" idols in your team will activate bonuses. raise your idols efficiently and practically.

Lunchtime / Nighttime Edit

12F Guide - LunchtimeNighttime
  • If you allow for a one hour break during lunchtime hours (12pm - 2pm), the scheudle items you set in the afternoon (1pm - 6pm) will have increased efficiency (Increased effects / Lowered stamina reduction)
  • By fulfilling a specific condition, you can set schedule items at night (6pm - 10pm). However, you will have increased stamina reduction during this time.

Live Composition Edit

12F Guide - Live Composition
  • Chosen Members: The total combined stats of your chosen live members will have an effect on the live's score. Earn a high score by making a team of members you've raised with care.

Vocal Appeal: The total Vocal (V) stats of your 3 members will affect your score.
Dance Appeal: The total Dance (D) stats of your 3 members will affect your score.
Performance Appeal: The total Performance (P) stats of your 3 members will affect your score.

  • Songs: Choose which song you want to reveal on stage. In addition to the four songs previously announced, you can choose new songs by fulfilling certain conditions!

Live Gameplay Edit

12F Guide - Live Gameplay
  • Press the commands moving around the circle in time with the music. If you can press with the right timing at the input point, you'll achieve a "Perfect" rating. The Appeal Gauge in the upper left will increase.
  • By continually getting PERFECTs and raising the Appeal Gauge to MAX, you'll enter "Super Appeal" mode. For a fixed time, your score will double and you can press any button. Focus on the region's Appeal Point and aim for a high score.

Live Rating Edit

12F Guide - Live Rating
  • Score: Score achieved during the live.
  • Live Rating: The overall live rating.
  • Objective: The audience number objective
  • Estimate: Estimated audience numbers based on idol skill.
  • Bonus: Additional bonus based on score.
  • Total: Estimate + Bonus. Final audience participation.
  • Rank: The rank explaining your rating. Based on comparing the Objective and Total
    • SS: Total is over 140% of the Objective
    • S: Total is 120%~140% of the Objective
    • A: Total is 100%~120% of the Objective
    • B: Total is 80%~100% of the Objective
    • C: Total is less thank 80% of the Objective
  • The higher you clear rank, the more your idols stats will grow and the more rewards (Followers and KinaCoins) you'll receive. Aim for a high rank!
  • If you achieve an S rank or higher, you'll trigger a regional event after the live. Do you best to see them all.

Status Edit

12F Guide - Status
  • You can check the individual, group, and ALLSTAR (everyone together) stats here.
  • You can also check the personal profile and badge information of your favorite idol.
  • V (Vocal): An idol's singing skill.
  • D (Dance): An idol's dancing technique.
  • P (Performance): An idol's power of expression
  • Stamina Gauge: An idols' combined physical stamina.
  • FOLLOW: The idols' popularity
  • FOLLOW rank: ALLSTAR ranking. Up to 5★

Can Badges Edit

12F Guide - Can Badges
  • Equip Can Badges, which come with a variety of effects. (Four at most) Each idol has three different badges. Equip them all to activate a set bonus.
  • Press (SELECT) to change Sets. (Up to 3 Sets) Try making sets for raising idols, set for lives, or a set favorites.
  • Badges are purchased in the Catalog Shop. Go there with R

Catalog Shop Edit

12F Guide - Catalog Shop
  • Gather KinaCoins and use them to purchase Can Badges. By increasing your "Idol Trust" and "Follow Rank", new badges will become available for purchase. Aim for a complete collection!

Relationship Chart Edit

12F Guide - Relationship Chart
  • Assigning members to Lessons/Outside work increases their Trust. Increasing the Trust of your favorite idol and get them into the top three.
  • Once you increase an idol's Trust to a certain amount, you can trigger their Event Cards or gain new Can Badges in the Shop

Card Battle Edit

12F Guide - Card Battle
  • Using the Schdule Cards you have on hand, fight a card battle where either the High (larger number) or Low (smaller number) cards win.
  • If you win, the idol's growth will be enhanced and you'll get KinaCoins. If you lose, their stamina will greatly decrease. Make use of surefire-win Kinako and King Pudding cards.

Extra Notes Edit

  • While going to a Venue is safer when Estimate > Objective, you can safely get an SS Rank if your Estimate is lower, if you 1) gain fans during Scheduling via Outside Work, and 2) get a good score during the Lives. Good scores really do rely on having a strong Vocal/Dance/Performance stat that matches what the region likes, though.
  • Twelve Fantasia has three endings. If you keep the FOLLOW numbers for all three groups roughly even AND get them all to above 600k, you’ll get the option to actually choose which of the three endings to go for. If you create a save before the third group performs, you can just continue from here for the three endings.
  • Do not forget to manually switch out your Can Badge sets! It’s really good to have one for raising everyone’s stats during schedule, and one that increases your stats during lives. In the Catalog Shop, the first 34 badges are best for Scheduling, and the remaining are good for Lives.
  • Every single schedule item can have different characters assigned! It’s a little obtuse in the Tutorial, but if you move your cursor to a schedule item and press triangle, you can select three characters for that item.
  • Quick Japanese (there are probably more, but I think these are the most important):
    • レッスン (Lesson)
    • 営業 (Business)
    • 外仕事 (Outside Work)
    • カード所持上限 (Card Inventory Increase)
    • 力ゲージ消費 (Stamina Consumption)
    • 小アップ・中アップ・大アップ (Slight/Medium/Great Increase)
    • スコア (Score)