IDOLiSH7 Discord


  • Be courteous, be nice, be polite, respect other people’s opinions/ships
  • No ship wars I s2g this is 2017 already
  • Fanart must be posted as a link to the original source (pixiv/twitter/etc)
  • If you don’t know the source, please use this website
  • No spam
  • PLEASE WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE wrt slurs and nsfw language*
  • Listen to the mods (people with different colored usernames)
  • Mods reserve the right to kick people out

further clarifying about language, we’re not so concerned about swearing as we are about inappropriate language/terms and offensive slurs. There are a LOT of minors in the main chat and so while slurs are not tolerated ANYWHERE, please keep nsfw words and talk to the nsfw channel, thank you!

If there are no mods online to supervise the chat or they seem to be afk when someone is flagrantly breaking the rules or posting spam or causing trouble then please take a screencap and submit it to us so we can take care of it! Another option is to go in the chat itself and @ any of the mods so we can be notified.


i7chat The main attraction. Talk about anything from official i7 sources in this chat, from game help to merch to story.

Spoilers Channel This is mainly going to be used for spoilers of the new story. If a story update or manga chapter is less than a week old, discussion should go in this chat. And if you dislike being spoiled, please do not use this channel because it will be spoiler heavy.

Fic and Art Channel If you have fics or fanart you want to share, then post them here! Just make sure that it's SFW and that with every link you post you indicate what's behind it (ie: pairings, any possible triggers, etc.)

NSFW Channel As the name suggests, this will be for any NSFW/R18 links you want to share. This will be more strictly observed than the others; you must be older than 16 to participate in the conversation. If you plan on sharing something please put any trigger warnings and the ship the content is about.

General Discussion Any non-i7 conversation can go in this channel. Just make sure to keep it friendly and spam-free as per the rules.

Small tidbit

First off, I would like to say that we, the staff of the wikia are NOT mods of the discord chat. Yes, while some of us are active in it we are not actually mods of the chat. The mods of the chat are from the English Tumblr Team. We decided to use the a discord chat because it's easier to moderate rather than the wikia implemented chat. So we would like to thank the English Tumblr Team for letting us use the Discord chat!!

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