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Iori Izumi

Iori Izumi (和泉 一織, Izumi Iori) is Mitsuki Izumi's younger brother who has a "cool" personality. His parents run a cake shop called “Fonte Chocolat”, and the interior is decorated cutely, which influences him to like cute things in the end.

Iori carries a superior air but has proper manners, although he possesses a poisonous tongue. He likes to have things well-planned and executed orderly, which is why if anything goes wrong, he cannot deal with it.

He really likes cute things especially the Usamimi Friends Collection; very ticklish; was on student council at his previous high school; bedroom has cat motifs hidden throughout; goes to the same high school as Tamaki.


Iori Izumi’s Room
Iori Izumi's Room
Screenshot from the game


Solo Songs
ONE dream


Character Name Iori's Nickname Nickname for them
Iori Izumi
Iori Izumi Watashi (私)
Yamato Nikaido
Yamato Nikaido Nikaido-san Ichi
Mitsuki Izumi
Mitsuki Izumi Nii-san Iori
Tamaki Yotsuba
Tamaki Yotsuba Yotsuba-san Iorin
Sogo Osaka
Sogo Osaka Osaka-san Iori-kun
Nagi Rokuya
Nagi Rokuya Rokuya-san Iori
Riku Nanase
Riku Nanase Nanase-san Iori
Gaku Yaotome
Gaku Yaotome Yaotome-san Izumi-otouto
Tenn Kujo
Tenn Kujo Kujo-san Izumi Iori
Ryunosuke Tsunashi
Ryunosuke Tsunashi Tsunashi-san Iori-kun
Momo Momo-san Iori
Yuki Yuki-san Iori-kun
Minami Natsume
Minami Natsume
Haruka Isumi
Haruka Isumi
Toma Inumaru
Toma Inumaru {{{Toma Inumaru's Nickname}}} {{{Nickname from Toma Inumaru}}}
Torao Mido
Torao Mido
Takanashi Production
Tsumugi Takanashi
Tsumugi Takanashi
Banri Ogami
Banri Ogami
Otoharu Takanashi
Otoharu Takanashi
Yaotome Production
Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi
Sousuke Yaotome
Sousuke Yaotome
Okazaki Agency
Rinto Okazaki
Rinto Okazaki


[1] Surname

  • 和 = gentle; harmonious
  • 泉 (izumi) = spring; fountain

Given Name

  • 一織 (iori) = one weave/fabric

Voice Actor Comment

Toshiki Masuda's Comments
Toshiki Masuda Comments About Part 2

Toshiki Masuda Comments About Part 2

Regarding Part 2

These are comments regarding Part 3 [2] FOR YOU:

  • Up until now, both the inner workings of the entertainment industry as well as the feelings and actions of the customers and how idols feel and react to that have all been illustrated through Idolish Seven, but in Part 3 those aspects are illustrated even further. Please keep an eye out for them as they stand up towards a large problem as it shakes the entertainment industry.


  • I want to tell him, "you're working plenty hard enough so don't overdo it.". Since he's underage and all.


  • Became an idol for Mitsuki, but now it's his dream too.
  • Has a sweet tooth comparable to Tamaki Yotsuba’s.
  • Has a MEZZO" poster hung up on his room wall at home.
  • Terrible at lying.
  • Would like to be a teacher if he wasn't an idol.


  1. Name translation by Yazu
  2. Part 3 comment translation by Kaisekis

Iori Izumi

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