He’s good at singing and dancing. It doesn’t feel forced, like he’s able to do it comfortably. And there’s also his youth as a high school student…. His confidence makes sense.

Tsumugi Takanashi , about Iori Izumi (Story 1; Chapter 1, Part 5)

Iori Izumi
Iori Izumi
Kanji 和泉 一織
Rōmaji Izumi Iori
English Iori Izumi
Nickname Ichi (by Yamato Nikaido)
Iorin (by Tamaki Yotsuba)
Izumi-otou (by Gaku Yaotome)
brocon (by Riku Nanase / Tenn Kujo)
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Sign Aquarius
Birthday January 25th
Age 17
Blood Type A
Height 174 cm
Personal Status
Relatives Mitsuki Izumi (older brother)
Professional Statistics
Music Sign Double Flat
Position Manager in the Shadows
(Start of Part 2) Center of i7
Talent Too Calm/Collected/Mild to Work (Self-Described)
A kind of lovability or desire to cheer them on (Tsumugi to Iori at the start of Part 2)
First Appearance
Game Chapter 1; Part 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Masuda Toshiki

Iori Izumi (和泉 一織, Izumi Iori) is Mitsuki Izumi's younger brother who has a "cool" personality. His parents run a cake shop called “Fonte Chocolat”, and the interior is decorate cutely, which influences him to like cute things in the end.

Iori carries a superior air but has proper manners, although he possesses a poisonous tongue. He likes to have things well-planned and executed orderly, which is why if anything goes wrong, he cannot deal with it.

He really likes cute things especially the Usamimi Friends Collection; very ticklish; was on student council at his previous high school; bedroom has cat motifs hidden throughout; goes to the same high school as Tamaki.

Character Lines


  • What would you think of my older brother cosplaying as a rabbit?
    Nīsan ni usagi no kosu pure o sase tara dō desho u?
  • Do you do this to Nanase-san as well?
    Kōyuu koto o nanase san ni moyatteru n desu ka.
  • What is it? Do you want me to dote on you?
    Na n desu ka? kamatte hoshii n desu ka?
  • You're like a small animal aren't you?
    Anata tte shō dōbutsu mitai desu ne.


  • Good morning. You have a bedhead.
    Ohayougozaimasu. Neguse tsuitemasu yo.


  • ...You in pajamas... No, it's nothing.
    ... sono pajama sugata ... ie, nan demo.


  • Please d-don't touch me so much!
    a, anmari sawara nai de kudasai!

(After Lives)

  • (SS Ranking) --
  • (S Ranking) --
  • (A Ranking) --
  • (B Ranking) --
  • (C Ranking) --

(Login Bonus)

  • Please come with me.
    Watashi ni tsui te ki te kudasai


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  • 和 = gentle; harmonious
  • 泉 (izumi) = spring; fountain

Given Name

  • 一織 (iori) = one weave/fabric


  • Became an idol for Mitsuki, but now it's his dream too.
  • Has a sweet tooth comparable to Tamaki Yotsuba’s.
  • Has a MEZZO" poster hung up on his room wall at home.
  • Terrible at lying.
  • Would like to be a teacher if he wasn't an idol.


Translation and information source

Name Translation

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