Nagi: Alright! Well then Manager, please say the magic words.

Tsumugi: Please…..

Tsumugi: Music, please!

Tsumugi: As everyone laughed, they composed a gentle melody on the spot.

Tsumugi: I danced round and round with Nagi-san as he encouraged me through the steps I wasn’t used to.

Tsumugi: I actually knew. I knew that everyone had been hurt.

Tsumugi: I knew that even as they carried a sharp pain in their hearts, they still had fun singing.

Tsumugi: Because they wanted their friends to smile.

Tsumugi: Because they were people with the talent to make others happy.

Tsumugi: They hid their tears, and kept smiling.

Tsumugi: And this was how IDOLiSH7′s debut of only two was decided.

Otoharu: Ousaka Sougo-kun, Yotsuba Tamaki-kun.

Sougo: Yes.

Tamaki: Yeah.

Otoharu: I’m going to have you two officially debut from Takanashi Productions.

Otoharu: Your debut song will be the one all seven of you sang at Music Festa.

Otoharu: That song no longer belongs to seven people. It belongs to just you two.

Sougo: ……Okay.

Tamaki: Boss, I’ve got a favor to ask.

Otoharu: What is it?

Tamaki: I want a new group name. IDOLiSH7 is the name for all seven of us.

Tamaki: I wanna use that name after all seven of us come together.

Otoharu: Don’t worry. I’ve thought about that.

Otoharu: Your duo name will be “MEZZO”“. It’s the same “mezzo” from “mezzo forte” and “mezzo piano.” (2)

Sougo: MEZZO”……

Otoharu: Your voices go very well together. Just like those voices, bring your hearts together, and do your best together.

Otoharu: Move ahead and open up the path for everyone to walk on.

Tamaki, Sougo: Yes!

Otoharu: Good! Well then, why don’t I give a present to everyone since they’ve been working so hard.

Tsumugi: We plan to invite the media and have a grand debut announcement.

Iori: We should be careful in how we deal with the fans. Older fans will likely be shocked. (3)

Tsumugi: For every bit of exposure they get, I’d like to increase the work all seven of you do. Like a web program…..

Otoharu: Tsumugi-kun, get ready–.

Tsumugi: P-President?

Otoharu: Today we’re taking a break from work. Call everyone over here.

Tsumugi: Where are we going?

Banri: We’re having a barbecue!

(1) THIS WAS SO SHORT…..I’m so excited for the BBQ there’s so much good stuff in the BBQ.

(2) You know, I7 has acknowledged their number theme multiple times in rabbit chats, and this just makes me wonder if, like, their musical symbol theme, is also ever acknowledged. I have a headache.

(3) Iori says “shock will run”, but the “run” can also mean “tend heavily towards”

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