Mitsuki Izumi
Mitsuki Izumi 02
Kanji 和泉 三月
Rōmaji Izumi Mitsuki
English Mitsuki Izumi
Nickname Mitsu (by Yamato Nikaido)
Mikki (by Tamaki Yotsuba)
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Sign Pisces
Birthday March 3rd
Age 21
Blood Type O
Height 165 cm
Personal Status
Relatives Iori Izumi Younger brother
Professional Statistics
Music Sign Flat
Talent Energy
First Appearance
Game Chapter 1; Part 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Tsubasa Yonaga

Character Profile

Iori’s older brother. On the outside, he is bright, cheerful and cute. But he is overflowing with a male presence and will take care of difficulties, much like an older brother.

It has always been his dream as a child to be an idol, however due to his height, he was never blessed with the chance.

Among the members, he has the most work enthusiasm and is the mood maker of the group.

Voice Samples

1: Hey Iori! Look!!

I! I..!! I grew 2mm!

It must be thanks to me drinking milk everyday huh?

2: Shut up, bean pole!

Ever since I was 5, I’ve been wishing with everything that I have that I could grow taller alright!

Character Lines

Home screen

1: Tomorrow's gonna be fast paced too, one has to sleep properly.
2: Ha ha, you've got some cute quirks!
3: I'm not inferior to Iori!
4: My family owns a cake shop! We're relatively famous around these parts.
5: Yeah? Did something unlucky happen?
6: D-don't treat me like a kid!
1: --
1: --
1: --

After Lives

(SS Ranking) --
(S Ranking) --
(A Ranking) --
(B Ranking) --
(C Ranking) --

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  • Likes
    • the legendary idol Zero
    • baking
  • Blood Type : O
  • has a food preparation license
  • often helps out at fonte chocolat, his family’s dessert shop, on off days
  • a high energy/high tension drunk
  • has been trying to be an idol since about high school
  • once wore a Cocona cosplay during his hangover, and sent pictures of himself in it to iori
  • the Izumi parents turned the izumi bros’ rooms into storage space once they moved out
  • would like to take over his family’s business if he wasn't an idol
  • can kick (nagi’s) ass

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