When I debut and become an idol just like him, it’d be nice to meet him again one more time.

Mitsuki Izumi , about Zero (Story 1; Chapter 2, Part 3)

Mitsuki Izumi (和泉 三月, Izumi Mitsuki) is a positive ray of energy for most of the other members of IDOLiSH7. He takes on the roll of older brother for many of the younger members as well as his own younger brother Iori Izumi. His energetic personality very often sets, or repairs the mood.

Mitsuki has failed multiple auditions before joining IDOLiSH7. He often questions if he really has a place in IDOLiSH7, or if he even deserves to be a member. However, Mitsuki’s mood-making skills are second-to-none, and he is by far the most capable MC in the group.

He’s very loud and boisterous, often playing the straight man to some of the other members’ more ridiculous antics, and gets angry just as easy as he smiles.

Character Lines


  • Tomorrow's gonna be fast paced too, one has to sleep properly.
    Ashita mo hayai nda, shikkari suimin wa toreyo na.
  • Ha ha, you've got some cute quirks!
    Ha ha, omae tte kawaii toko aru yo na!
  • I'm not inferior to Iori!
    Iori ni wa makene kara na!
  • My family owns a cake shop! We're relatively famous around these parts.
    Ore n chi, kēki-yana nda! Kono hen ja wari to yūmeina nda ze.
  • Yeah? Did something unlucky happen?
    Hm? Nanka tsuiteta?


  • --


  • --


  • D-don't treat me like a kid!
    Ko-Kodomo atsukai sun na yo!

(After Lives)

  • (SS Ranking) Ha ha, I guess you are amazing after all.
  • (S Ranking) --
  • (A Ranking) --
  • (B Ranking) --
  • (C Ranking) --

(Login Bonus)

  • --



  • Likes
    • the legendary idol Zero
    • baking
  • Blood Type : O
  • has a food preparation license
  • often helps out at fonte chocolat, his family’s dessert shop, on off days
  • a high energy/high tension drunk
  • has been trying to be an idol since about high school
  • once wore a Cocona cosplay during his hangover, and sent pictures of himself in it to iori
  • would like to take over his family’s business if he wasn't an idol


Translation and information source

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