Tamaki: ……I said to wait!

Sougo: ……And why don’t you cool down!

Tsumugi: ……p-please stop, both of you!

Yamato: What happened, Sou.

Sougo: There are some things you don’t say exactly because they’re comrades!

Yamato: ……are you hiding something?

Sougo: ……….

Tamaki: They’re talking about a TV performance for me and Sou-chan.

Mitsuki: ……for the two of you……?

Tamaki: Everyone’s happy for us, right? Right?

Iori: ……why did you talk to them directly? Why didn’t you consult with me first?

Tsumugi: You’re a member too, Iori-san……I thought you’d have mixed feelings if we talked about member popularity……

Iori: Why are you saying this now? I’m going to guess my rank. Right now, I’m fourth from the top, right?

Tsumugi: C-correct……

Iori: Whether you accept or refuse the request, those involved in management need to first decide on a plan and then tell the other members.

Iori: Asking the members will do nothing but cause unnecessary strife.

Riku: I don’t think that way at all.

Tsumugi: Riku-san…….

Riku: Whether you had accepted it or refused it, I would have wanted you to talk to us about it first.

Riku: You really value our opinions….and theirs as well, right Manager?

Tsumugi: Yes……

Iori: ….However, I hear their opinions are split cleanly in two.

Tsumugi: ….yes.

Riku: …..but……why is Tamaki so obsessed with being shown on TV?

TV Staff: Alright, okay then! Good work today!

Ten: Thank you for everything today.

Gaku: Thanks for working so hard. It’s already three o’clock? My sense of time gets strange when I’m at a TV station.

Ryuunosuke: People are working morning and night, after all.

Producer: Good work today, you three. I’m counting on you for Music Festa as well. I can feel relieved with you guys even during a live performance.

Ryuunosuke: We look forward to working with you this year as well. Preparing for a ten hour music program every year sounds tough.

Producer: It is. It’s a monster program, gathering everyone from indies performers to leading artists.

Producer: We’re trying to figure out an indies artist right now. Do you know anyone? A good newcomer.

Gaku: ……….

Tamaki: Sou-chan, wait. Listen to me.

Sougo: No matter how many times you tell me, I have no intention of accepting the performance request.

Tamaki: And I don’t plan to give in either! …..? What’s up with this geezer.

Sougo: You’re…..

Sousuke: IDOLiSH7′s Ousaka Sougo and Yotsuba Tamaki.

Sousuke: Come with me for a bit.

Tamaki: ……debut as a duo?

Sousuke: Yes. The two of you are attracting attention now. If you debut, I’m sure you’ll get popular immediately.

Sougo: …..I’m grateful that you’ve come to talk to us, but we’re in the care of another company in preparation for our debut.

Sousuke: Has the day for your debut been decided?

Sougo: No, not yet……

Sousuke: Of course it hasn’t. It’s a small company. They don’t have the reserves, connections, or knowledge for your debut.

Sousuke: My company could give you a magnificent debut.

Tamaki: ……….

Tamaki: I won’t do it. Debuting with you means I can’t debut with them, right?

Tamaki: The ones I worked hard with are them. I won’t go to your place.

Sougo: Tamaki-kun……

Sousuke: It doesn’t matter to me, but you can’t meet your younger sister at your current company.

Tamaki: !!!

Sougo: …..younger sister? Tamaki-kun’s…..?

(1) This took 20 minutes to do I’m so glad, it’s so short.

(2) I have no pressing tl notes, but my favorite thing that was pointed out to me is that 理由 (reason) uses the character 理….which can be pronounced “Aya,” and is the character used to spell out her name.

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