As long as someone wants to listen, it will be revived many times. Like the waxing moon. Like the rising sun. Our heartbeat will never, ever, stop.

Nagi Rokuya

Nagi Rokuya (六弥 ナギ, Rokuya Nagi) remarkably good looks and high charisma combine to turn him into a bit of a flirting machine, he's often see flirting with women. His charisma is a double-edged sword, however, as his personality and looks combined made it so he didn’t have many friends growing up. As a result, he loves IDOLiSH7 more than anyone else. In times of strife, it’s usually Nagi’s very obvious love for his friends that manages to bring smiles back to their faces.

Back in his home country, Nagi met a man named Haruki Sakura. Haruki was actually the composer for Zero, and he traveled to Northmare in search of the missing idol. As he grew ill, he entrusted Nagi with the music he wrote and left, hoping Nagi would find someone to sing the songs he had originally written for Zero.

In a weird twist of events, and probably thanks to his Japanese mother, Nagi has a very high love of Japanese pop culture and anime, and his room is filled to the brim with figures and other paraphernalia.


Nagi Rokuya’s Room
Nagi Rokuya's Room
Screenshot from the game


Character Name Nagi's Nickname Nickname for them
Iori Izumi
Iori Izumi Iori Rokuya-san
Yamato Nikaido
Yamato Nikaido Yamato Nagi
Mitsuki Izumi
Mitsuki Izumi Mitsuki Nagi
Tamaki Yotsuba
Tamaki Yotsuba Tamaki Nagicchi
Sogo Osaka
Sogo Osaka Sogo Nagi-kun
Nagi Rokuya
Nagi Rokuya Watashi (私)
Riku Nanase
Riku Nanase Riku Nagi
Gaku Yaotome
Gaku Yaotome Yaotome-shi Rokuya
Tenn Kujo
Tenn Kujo Kujo-shi Rokuya Nagi
Ryunosuke Tsunashi
Ryunosuke Tsunashi Tsunashi-shi Nagi-kun
Momo Mister Momo Nagi
Yuki Mister Yuki Nagi-kun
Minami Natsume
Minami Natsume
Haruka Isumi
Haruka Isumi
Touma Inumaru
Touma Inumaru
Torao Mido
Torao Mido
Takanashi Production
Tsumugi Takanashi
Tsumugi Takanashi
Banri Ogami
Banri Ogami
Otoharu Takanashi
Otoharu Takanashi
Yaotome Production
Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi
Sousuke Yaotome
Sousuke Yaotome
Okazaki Agency
Rinto Okazaki
Rinto Okazaki




  • 六 (roku) = six
  • 弥 (ya) = full; complete; perfect

Given Name

Nagi ナギ is in katakana so there’s no exact meaning in it. The most well-known ‘Nagi’ kanji is 凪 which means ‘calm’

Voice Actor Comment

Takuya Eguchi's Comments
Takuya Eguchi Comments About Part 2

Takuya Eguchi Comments About Part 2

Regarding Part 2

These are comments regarding Part 3 [3]


  • Part 3 is aggressive from the moment the curtain rises. There may be things where it feels difficult to accept them without understanding the entire process, but by all means, I'd like for you to please play it and witness the complex and tangled up story with your own eyes.


  • I don't know what's waiting up ahead, but I'd really like it if you could be in a situation where you're able to enjoy Cocona freely soon. When that happens, "Take your time and enjoy watching Cocona.".


  • Massive fan of anime in general, and Magical Kokona specifically
  • half Japanese, half Northmarean (a country in northern Europe with a language similar to Danish)
  • has a very poor relationship with his (older) brother
  • models semi-frequently
  • personal tastes seem to align most closely with Sougo
  • can speak 8 languages--- Northmarean, English, Japanese, German, Norwegian, French, Italian, and Chinese
  • apparently has skill with guns and self defense
  • can pick locks too
  • good at drawing
  • always hugs each member before they go to sleep
  • would like to be a seiyuu


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  2. Name translation by Yazu
  3. Part 3 comment translation by Kaisekis

Nagi Rokuya

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