Nagi Rokuya (六弥 ナギ, Rokuya Nagi) is the most charismatic member of IDOLiSH7. He is half Northern European and is a ladies man, usually flirting with girls, specifically the manager.

He considers the other members to be his friends, because he revealed to Mitsuki that growing up, he didn't have any friends because he is "beautiful".

He also loves anime, specifically Magical Kokona.

Voice Samples

1: A forbidden love with the manager… Don’t you think it has a sweet ring to it, my princess?

2: It’s been a while, Akihaba~~~ra!

I got my Majikko figure!

At the same time, why not cosplay this anime character!


  1. Nagi Rokuya (Summer Memories 2); Chapter 3 (Nagi and Mitsuki)

Translation and information source

Character Lines

Home screen

1: Magical★Cocona, I want you to watch it too!
2: It's time for anime... watching it real time is a true fan's task!
3: Between me and Mitsuki, who's your type?
4: Hm, is your belly ticklish?
1: Good morning, my princess ♡

1: --
1: --

After Lives

(SS Ranking) Fantastic! As expected of my Princess!
(S Ranking) --
(A Ranking) --
(B Ranking) --
(C Ranking) --

Login Bonus




  • Massive fan of anime in general, and Magical Kokona specifically
  • half Japanese, half Northmarean (a country in northern Europe with a language similar to Danish)
  • has a very poor relationship with his (older) brother
  • models semi-frequently
  • personal tastes seem to align most closely with Sougo
  • can speak 8 languages--- Northmarean, English, Japanese, German, Norwegian, French, Italian, and Chinese
  • apparently has skill with guns and self defense
  • can pick locks too
  • good at drawing
  • always hugs each member before they go to sleep
  • would like to be a seiyuu
  • Likes:
    • anime
    • girls

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