Tamaki: I’m tired of peeling.

Sougo: Keep at it.

Tamaki: Sou-chan, I’ll leave it to you.

Sougo: That’s a problem. Keep at it.

Tamaki: You’re fast alone.

Sougo: We have to work hard together….. We have to do this properly and put everyone at ease.

Tamaki: Everyone, huh……

Sougo: All we’re doing is working, so we’re getting bored. Let’s talk. Yamato-san said so as well, didn’t he?

Sougo: That the fans would be happier if we got along.

Tamaki: Don’t you listen too much to what others say?

Sougo: ……huh……?

Tamaki: I’d get it if you said you wanted to get along with me.

Tamaki: But I’m not really happy if you just want to get along because you were told to.

Sougo: ……that’s not what I……

Tamaki: Liar. Sou-chan, you hate me, don’t you?

Sougo: ……it’s you that hates me. I can tell from everything you say and do.

Tamaki: Like what?

Sougo: Like telling me all I do is complain or that I’m boring, or that it doesn’t look like I worry about anything, or that all I have to do is stand there.

Tamaki: Your memory’s really good…..did I say those things? (1)

Sougo: You did.

Tamaki: Lies.

Sougo: You said them.

Tamaki: Then, I apologize. Forgive me.

Sougo: …………

Tamaki: Did you forgive me?

Sougo: ………… Now see here……

Tamaki: Haa? Are you angry? Weren’t you trying to get along with me?

Sougo: …………

Tamaki: Don’t just go quiet there…… ……You should just say something, it’s creepy…..

Sougo: ……are you listening? Tamaki-kun. I am, an adult, so, I can’t behave like you do.

Tamaki: You just wanna look like a good little kid. You see them at school too, those honor students.

Tamaki: What a shame. You can’t get along with me, so you can’t get Yama-san to praise y……, uwah…..!

Tamaki: That’s dangerous……! Don’t point a kitchen knife over here!

Sougo: Grasp the potato. (2)

Tamaki: S–……

Sougo: Prepare to use the peeler, hold it at the top facing down, and pull it down. Remove the shoot using the edge of the peeler.

Tamaki: ……., and now you’re threatening me……

Sougo: Should I say it again?

Tamaki: I’ll do it! I’ll do it! ……h-he’s really extreme, jeez…… (3)

Banri: Sorry to keep you waiting! I’ve bought some fireworks!

Otoharu: And beer for the adults.

Yamato: Alright! I’ll pour you a drink, sir. (4)

Otoharu: No, that’s fine. I’ll get my cute daughter to do it for me.

Tsumugi: Oh dad, treating me like a kid…….

Otoharu: Uwaaah, that fish looks tasty. Were you able to catch a lot?

Riku: Yes!

Iori: For every three we caught, we gave bait to 30 more, however.

Riku: You’re so annoying–. You gonna cry again!?

Iori: I won’t cry anymore!

Otoharu: Ahaha! The curry also looks delicious. Were you able to get along while making it?

Sougo: Yes. Tamaki-kun worked very hard.

Tamaki: ……that was scary……

Nagi: Oh, Tamaki, what happened? You’re shaking as if you ran into a killer by the riverside….. (5)

Otoharu: Okay! Let’s make a toast! The minors will use juice, of course.

Riku: Ready……

Everyone: Cheers!

Tsumugi: We made a toast under the stars, and we all relaxed with each other.

Tsumugi: Along with their laughing voices, their bright smiles returned to them.

Tsumugi: We’ve overcome the sad affair, and we–IDOLiSH7–will get even bigger—

(1) The first (and second) time I read through this story, I was with Tamaki on this one and could not actually remember Tamaki saying these things. On my third, much closer, read-through though, Tamaki has said every single one of these.

(2) ジャガイモを握って is hands down the most iconic Sougo line, abeshi even brought a fake plastic potato with him to the live stream that happened a couple months back and said the damn line.

(3) This word has been used SOMEWHERE before in the main story–I think it was Yamato about Anesagi?–but it means both extreme AND scary.

(4) I typo’d this as “I’ll pour you a drank” and now my stomach hurts from laughing aNYWAY this is kinda a cultural thing, where anyone lower on the totem pole/corporate ladder/life experience ranking system pours all the drinks for anyone higher up. Generally, you should be pouring drinks for someone else, and never (have to) pour your own. WHILE I’M HERE, Otoharu calls himself “dad”.

(5) THIS IS THE MOST UNFORTUNATELY SPECIFIC THING. But more importantly, the following lines. They use “kanpai” (kampai? kanpai?), which is kinda the jp version of “cheers!”

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