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Focus only on the future–.

As the opening concert at Zero Arena comes to a successful close, society welcomes the advent of the male idol boom brought about by Re:vale, TRIGGER, and IDOLiSH7. As these 12 idols ride on a favorable wind, they continue to glow even brighter.

However, behind this brilliant stage that drives the fans wild with enthusiasm is a quietly wriggling “malice” filled with madness.

The twilight, stained black, will now bear its fangs.

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アイドリッシュセブン 第3部 配信予告PV02:37

アイドリッシュセブン 第3部 配信予告PV

The Turbulent Part 3, commencement
Tenn Kujo Part 3

The talent you raised with your own two hands... Just because it was a work of failure, you abandoned him...?

Gaku Yaotome Part 3

The articles were confrontational too... Up until now a lot of things have been said but, this is the first time they're so bold.

Ryunosuke Tsunashi Part 3

If we start to hate someone now, won't we become the same as them?!

The tetrarchy of madness and destruction.
Inumaru Touma Part 3

TRIGGER has become pathetic. The reigning has fallen to nothing.

Isumi Haruka Part 3

One day, you will be forgotten and left behind too. The things you gave and showed them... All of it! Everyone!

Natsume Minami Part 3

Oh pardon me, I meant no ill-will. Just that... It's a little funny.

Mido Torao Part 3

Living while suppressing your true self... Isn't it insufferable?

The gears... begin in disorder-
Yamato Nikaido Part 3

Heh.... For invoking such vulgar guile, how about I stop listening to you?

Riku Nanase Part 3

A day like today... May never come again.

Iori Izumi Part 3

If you can stay focused on IDOLiSH7, then no matter what happens we will strike first and fight.

Mitsuki Izumi Part 3

Scary isn't it? The part of you that you don't want people to know about, being accepted and recognised.

Sogo Osaka Part 3

He treated me kindly and I loved him but, I couldn't tell him to not say those things. I didn't have the courage.

Tamaki Yotsuba Part 3

I'm telling you to make an excuse! You're being completely misunderstood, everything about you!

Nagi Rokuya Part 3

Blackmail. Collusion. Corruption. Clandestine arrangements... Please, choose as you like.

Momo Part 3

Temptation, vanity, loneliness. All of it is being thrown around by that attachment, so we can't progress onwards clearly. Even so, there is still a wish we want to hold on to.

Yuki Part 3

We're going to keep on living that way. The something that is here, we want to continue expressing it.

Looking straight, at only the future
Ryo Tsukumo Part 3

Come now, are you all words? Hurry and try grabbing at me. Try saying something like “I’ll kill you” or “Die”.

Tenn Kujo Part 3

We'll prove our innocence by ourselves. On stage.

Part 3 release date is April 27th, 2017

Part 3 Keyword - TRIGGER Part 3 Keyword - Nagi Rokuya
In Part 2's ending displayed "Next stage is..."
with their backs against the screen.
What is the meaning of TRIGGER?
Nagi Rokuya
Nagi who cherishes the bond of IDOLiSH7 more than anyone.
The speech power he showed at the press conference
Where did it come from?

New Group
Part 3 will be introducing a new rival group by the name of ZOOL!
They're a “tetrarchy of madness and destruction”, as that flavor text would suggest, they’re a four-person unit.

Natsume Minami Part 3 Isumi Haruka Part 3 Inumaru Touma Part 3 Mido Torao Part 3
Minami Natsume
(CV: Nishiyama Koutarou)
Haruka Isumi
(CV: Hirose Yuuya)
Touma Inumaru
(CV: Kimura Subaru)
Torao Mido
(CV: Kondou Takashi)

Key Person
Ryo Tsukumo Part 3
Ryo Tsukumo
An individual who holds a warped attachment to the entertainment industry. It also seems like he may be involved in ZOOL’s formation…

Story Translation

Rainy Skies

  • The Beginning
  • New Manager
  • The Two Empires
  • The Cloud Obscuring the Star
  • Strife

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