Mitsuki: Whoa! There’s a river!

Yamato: We know that just by looking.

Riku: The weather’s nice too, this is the best! It feels like summer vacation!

Yamato: Well then, let’s split up into a curry group, a fishing group, and a fire group.

Mitsuki: Fishing group!

Riku: I also wanna be in the fishing group!

Iori: Nanase-san, won’t the fish just run away from you?

Riku: You little…..And you were so lovable when you cried……

Yamato: Sou, Tama, you two should make curry together. You should try to increase your combo power, right?

Tamaki: That’s fine. Leave it to me. I’ve never peeled vegetables before though.

Sougo: You’ve never done it before, but you want us to leave it to you?

Tamaki: You can peel them, can’t you?

Sougo: …………

Iori: ……in one moment, we saw just what kind of duo they will become in the future.

Riku: You do it too, Tamaki! And when you start working together, don’t cause any trouble for Sougo-san.

Yamato: And Sou, don’t just try to do it by yourself. You have to make Tama do it too.

Yamato: The fans’ll be happier if you two get along.

Sougo: That’s true….. Thank you for worrying about us. We’ll get along together.

Riku: Aah, it ran away again!

Mitsuki: You’re so slow, Riku. They just ate the bait and ran.

Iori: You’re so generous, Nanase-san. You opened a free restaurant upstream so I’m sure the fish are pleased.

Riku: What an annoying guy…. Hey, Mitsuki! What kind of kid was Iori?

Mitsuki: Well you see–! ……I’d like to tell an embarrassing story, but there isn’t even one.

Iori: If you’d rather hear about how cute Nii-san was, I know plenty.

Mitsuki: Shut it. Do you not have any? An embarrassing story about Kujou Ten, or something.

Riku: An embarrassing story about Ten-nii?

Mitsuki: Yeah yeah. Like something you could sell to the media.

Riku: Ten-nii could do anything, and was really kind…….

Mitsuki: Why did someone like that abandon his family and leave?

Riku: ……t-these brothers cut right to the heart without hesitation.

Mitsuki: So why? Do you not have any ideas?

Riku: …..I don’t. If I did, I wouldn’t worry like this.

Mitsuki: But Kujou’s gaze is really hard to deal with…… A scornful gaze, colder than ice……

Iori: Actually, I’ve also…… dreamed about that performance every night since then……

Iori: …….in the same studio, singing the same song, dancing the same steps…..

Riku: Forgetting to sing at the same part, and then you suddenly jump out of bed?

Iori: ……..tch,, you have no delicacy at all! You’re more than just an idiot!

Riku: I don’t wanna be told that by you!

Riku: But, well, I’m sorry….. I apologize. After all, if I go to far, you’ll cry again won’t you…..?

Iori: Do you want to be pushed into the river!?

Riku: Why!? I apologized!

Mitsuki: The fish won’t come because you’re making such a fuss.

Nagi: Oh! It’s caught fire!

Nagi: Tsumugi, look! Just like this flame, my heart burns with a fierce passion for you…….

Yamato: Ah. It went out.

Tsumugi: It was a fleeting love, then……

Nagi: No! It’s a misunderstanding! Lend me the fan. ……see, see, it’s on fire again!

Yamato: Ahaha. …….you also lit the flames that disappeared on that night, too.

Yamato: We almost became like ash after Music Festa. ……thank you, Nagi.

Nagi: …..I love everyone. I don’t like seeing everyone sad. That’s all it is.

Nagi: Our fans will be even more sad now. I hope we can make them happy.

Yamato: Yeah……

Nagi: For example, giving each and every one a hug and kiss……

Yamato: I just praised you, do you plan to destroy us with a scandal?

Nagi: I’m beautiful. There is happiness in a kiss from a beautiful man.

Yamato: This asshole. Going on shamelessly……

Yamato: ……but, you really are beautiful from up close. You were only half-Japanese, right? What country?

Nagi: Northmare. A beautiful country in the extreme north.

Yamato: Aaah, a place where you can see the aurora, then? So, if you’re from northern Europe, then your native language isn’t English, right?

Nagi: Yes! Northmare has its own language. It’s similar to Danish.

Nagi: In addition to English, I can speak German, Norwegian, French, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese.

Tsumugi: Eh…….

Yamato: Really!?

Nagi: Ja. (2) Why are you surprised?

Yamato: Sorry……Because of your weird Japanese, I thought you were kind of an idiot…..

Nagi: No! I have an excellent head. My head is excellent. My face is beautiful. My body is loved by women.

Nagi: Oh….. And that’s why I didn’t have any friends…….

Yamato: Hmmmmm….. Onii-san thinks that’s probably because you say those things yourself–

Tsumugi: Why did you come to Japan?

Nagi: My mother is Japanese. I loved Japan. Japanese songs. Japanese anime. Japanese women……

Nagi: I also love Japanese movies. Samurai. Chiba Shizuo! (3) The right to strike! (4)

Tsumugi: Aah, Chiba Shizuo-san! He’s a leading actor that represents the best of Japan. As expected, he’s popular overseas as well.

Nagi: Yes! My mother is a fan.

Yamato: Really………

Nagi: She often told my father. A devoted samurai husband is an example for all men. Learn from it!

Tsumugi: Chiba Shizuo-san’s wife is a former-actress, and he’s very lovey-dovey with her even now. I admire elderly couples like that……

Nagi: I am Kokona’s fan. And IDOLiSH7′s fan.

Nagi: You’re my first friends. I love these members.

Tsumugi: I’m also a fan!

Nagi: Oh! Then we’re comrades.

Yamato: Haha….. Let’s work hard and do our best……it’d be nice if we could all work together soon.

Yamato: And for that, we have to make sure those two do well……

(1) There’s gotta be a limit to the difference in length in these things.

(2) Pretty sure Nagi broke out the German here.


(4) Okay more importantly, 切捨御免 (kirisutegomen) is basically the idea that a samurai has the right to strike anyone of the lower class that may have wronged them. Through some literal miracle, there’s a Wikipedia article.

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