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Pythagoras☆Fighter (in-game cover)
Kanji ピタゴラス☆ファイター
Rōmaji Pitagorasu Faitā
English Pythagoras☆Fighter
Artist Pythagoras Trio
Unlock Requirements
Unlock Requirements Clear Story 1; Chapter 13, Part 3.
Must be at least Rank 25
Affinity Ratio
Shout 50%
Beat 25%
Melody 25%

Pythagoras☆Fighter is sung by Pythagoras Trio's Voice Actors, Yuusuke Shirai, Tsubasa Yonaga and Takuya Eguchi. The song lyrics are written by Erika Masaki (真崎 エリカ, Masaki Erika), and the song was composed by 野井洋児.

Pythagoras☆Fighter was originally released within the game. If you clear, Story 1; Chapter 13, Part 3 it would be available within the normal lives. Pythagoras☆Fighter is included within the Pythagoras☆Fighter - Single as the main song. However it is also included within the i7 (Album) that was released on August 24th, 2016.


Key for Kanji/Romaji/English lyrics
Yamato Nikaido
Mitsuki Izumi
Nagi Rokuya

ドキッてなりませんか With you




ibunka manande
uttori miteru
risou no koukei beautiful
dokitte narimasenka With you
iya iya mate ite
minna miteru
sono kao no hou ga kiseki
kishou kachi ga takai darou (uun sou desuka?)
maa maa suwatte
Break shiyou ze
hora koko ni choudo taiyaki
CHOKO tte igai to ikeru na
cream ha datte makemasen yo
iya soko wa koshian daro
dore mo umai ze ii janai

CHIIMUWAAKU wa kore kara
sodatete misemashou
sannin yoreba nanchara
otokogi miseru ze
yaru tokya yaru no sa
nanka wakaranai kedo
nanka waku waku shiteku motto

nishi e higashi e PITAGORASU
odoketa egao de DERIBARII
kimi no machi made PITAGORASU
muchaburi mo SUPAISU sa
yukai na koushin PITAGORASU
tobi nore unmei wa REINBŌ
ashita wa docchi ga PITAGORASU
CHANSU no CHIRARIZUMU idome idome idometai

nishi e higashi e PITAGORASU

After learning about this foreign culture,
I can’t stop looking at all these sights!
I’ve always dreamed of this! Beautiful!
Doesn’t it make your heart skip a beat? With you–
Woah, woah, hold up– 
everybody’s looking at you!
That face though, now that’s more of a miracle
Isn’t that super rare? (Hmm, is that so?)
Now, now, let’s all sit down 
and take a break, alright?
Ah, perfect. There’s a taiyaki stand right here.
Hey, chocolate taiyaki isn’t too bad–
Cream taiyaki won’t lose to the likes of chocolate!!
Uh, I’m pretty sure that’s koshian–
They’re all good, so does it really matter?

We’ll improve on our teamwork
from here on out!
“Three heads are better than one,” or something right?
We’ll show you our manly side
and do what we gotta do!
We’re still a little unsure
and still a little nervous, but we want more!

Pythagoras to the east, Pythagoras to the west
We’ll deliver it to you with a silly grin!
We’ll Pythagoras all the way to your town
Because messing around is the spice of life too!
Happily marching, Pythagoras
This fate that we’ve hopped on is just like a rainbow
Which one will be Pythagoras tomorrow?
That glimpse of chance– we’ll take it on!

Pythagoras to the east, Pythagoras to the west

Live Challenge

Score Reward Combo Reward Play Reward
B Icon - Gold x300 20 Icon - Gold x300 1 Icon - Gold x300
A Icon - Gold x300 60 Icon - Gold x300 3 Icon - Gold x300
S Icon - Friend Point x25 120 Icon - Friend Point x25 8 Icon - Friend Point x25
SS Icon - Stellar Stone x2 150 Icon - Stellar Stone x2 15 Icon - Stellar Stone ×3

All Clear Reward: Icon - Stellar Stone x5

Score Reward Combo Reward Play Reward
B Icon - Gold x500 40 Icon - Gold x500 2 Icon - Gold x500
A Icon - Gold x500 120 Icon - Gold x500 5 Icon - Gold x500
S Icon - Friend Point x50 230 Icon - Friend Point x50 15 Icon - Friend Point x50
SS Icon - Stellar Stone x2 300 Icon - Stellar Stone x2 30 Icon - Stellar Stone ×3

All Clear Reward: Icon - Stellar Stone x5

Score Reward Combo Reward Play Reward
B Icon - Gold x1000 50 Icon - Gold x1000 6 Icon - Gold x1000
A Icon - Gold x1000 150 Icon - Gold x1000 15 Icon - Gold x1000
S Icon - Friend Point x100 300 Icon - Friend Point x100 40 Icon - Friend Point x100
SS Icon - Stellar Stone x2 390 Icon - Stellar Stone x2 60 Icon - Stellar Stone x3

All Clear Reward: Icon - Stellar Stone x5

Score Reward Combo Reward Play Reward
B Icon - Gold x1500 60 Icon - Gold x1500 10 Icon - Gold x1500
A Icon - Gold x1500 170 Icon - Gold x1500 20 Icon - Gold x1500
S Icon - Friend Point x200 340 Icon - Friend Point x200 60 Icon - Friend Point x200
SS Icon - Stellar Stone x2 450 Icon - Stellar Stone x2 80 Icon - Stellar Stone x3

All Clear Reward: Icon - Gacha Ticket × 1

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