Riku Nanase
Riku Nanase 02
Kanji 七瀬 陸
Rōmaji Nanase Riku
English Riku Nanase
Nickname Rikkun (by Tamaki Yotsuba)
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Sign Cancer
Birthday July 9th
Age 18
Blood Type O
Height 173 cm
Personal Status
Relatives Tenn Kujo (older twin brother)
Professional Statistics
Music Sign Double Sharp
Position Center
Talent Vocal (implied)
Lovability, or a desire to cheer them on
First Appearance
Game Chapter 1; Part 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Kensho Ono


May be clumsy at times, but he is an honest hard worker, dependable, and does not say ‘no’.

He’s had a weak constitution since young, and while fighting his illness, he found joy in watching shows.

Having spent most of his days in the hospital, he has a side of him that is ignorant of the ways of the world. He also spent most of his time in the hospital by studying and reading many books, resulting him to be good at reading Kanji (to Iori Izumi's surprise).

Quarrels a lot with Iori Izumi, but since he has never had someone like that to fight with, he actually likes the enjoyable feeling that comes with it.

Voice Samples

1: As expected of my- Our manager! You’re our best partner!

2: Manager, I might have caused you a lot of worry up till now. But as the center of this group of 7, I will do my best! That’s why I hope you will keep looking at me. I feel like I can succeed if you do that! Haha… I guess… That’s a little too conceited of me isn’t it…

Character Lines

Home screen

1: I want to become an existence that can make everyone smile!

2: I love my mom's omurice! オレ、母さんが作るオムライスがダイスキなんだ~!

1: Good morning! Today, you appeared in my dream and... ah, it wasn't a weird dream, okay!?

1: It seems staying up late is bad for your skin.

1: D-do you do the same thing to Iori too...?

2: I'll poke you back then... Ah, s-sorry!!

3: I didn't grow that tall at all, huh... そこまで身長伸びなかったんだよなあ。

4: Even I want to show you my good points!

After Lives

(SS Ranking) We're the best partners, aren't we!
(S Ranking) As expected of my... our manager!
(A Ranking) --
(B Ranking) --
(C Ranking) Next time, we'll try even harder!

Login Bonus




      • Likes:
        • Hero things
        • Donuts
        • Omurice
        • cats
        • Warm milk with honey (Iori Izumi made it for him)
        • Pancakes
        • Reading
      • Dislikes
        • The smell of hospitals
      • Riku Nanase and Tenn Kujo have different blood types despite them being twins.
      • Is a fraternal twin.
      • His illness is never explicitly stated, though there is note of him having weak bronchial tubes.
      • Spent most of his early childhood in and out of hospitals.
      • Couldn’t eat chocolate or much junk food when he was younger.
      • Was the leader of the boys chorus section in high school.
      • A bookworm who seems to have reading glasses.
      • Thought you had to bring a bucket to an amusement park or you wouldn’t be let in.
      • Claims he can see ghosts.
      • Buys stuff that he doesn't really need on impulse.
      • Due to his weak health, he had to sit out during gym classes and he wasn't in any club.
      • Volunteered to visit homes for the elderly and sang songs and played games with them.
      • Knows a wide range of Kanji.
      • Would like to be a doctor if he wasn't an idol.
      • Recently picked up yoga with Nagi Rokuya


      Translation and information source

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