He's actually gentle and shy, but at the agency he was sold as a dangerously sexy and wild character, even though he is very embarrassed by it.

If he lets his guard down, he will slip back into his dialect, and you can feel how hard it is for him to keep up with his created image.

Loves alcohol a lot but gets really troublesome when he gets drunk.

Voice Samples

1: Good morning! Every time I wake up, my hair is always a mess. It’s so troublesome.

2: Do you want to tempt me that much? Well, then, come on, why don’t you try? You know what you should do right? … I-I CAN’T DO THIS!

Translation and information source

Character Lines

Home screen

1: I'd be really happy if you cheered me on!
2: Being the sexy representative is tough...

1: Good morning! Every time I wake up, my hair is always a mess. It’s so troublesome.

1: They say I become a beast at night but... th-that's totally impossible!

1: Hm? Do you want to touch me some more?
2: Haha, should I pet you too?
3: D-did you notice that I haven't been working out recently?

After Lives

(SS Ranking) It's all thanks to you! Thank you!
(S Ranking) Even I can do it if I try!
(A Ranking) I wonder if our appeal was conveyed to you.
(B Ranking) I can still go on!
(C Ranking) Shall we practice together?

Login Bonus



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