Ryunosuke Tsunashi (LOVE&GAME)

Ryunosuke Tsunashi (LOVE&GAME) Clean

Ryunosuke Tsunashi (LOVE&GAME)
Rarity Attribute Card ID
Icon - Rarity SSR Beat 360
Special Training
Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon)
Shout Beat Melody
Base Stats
Stats at level 1 without any Special Training
1521 2241 1723
Max Level Stats
Stats at maximum level not including Special Training
3276 4819 3856
Max Stats
Stats at maximum level including Special Training.
3276 6619 3856
Center Skill Beat Strong
There is a 100% chance to increase the unit's Beat points greatly.
Appeal Skill* So sad... Listening, to this painful refrain, unthinkingly
For every 20 seconds, there is a 39% chance of increasing the score by 760.
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