Tsumugi: They want to have Yamato-san appear in a two hour drama every Monday!?

Tsumugi: We’ve just gotten an amazing chance!

Yamato: Aah. I’m not really interested. Could you try asking someone else?

Everyone: What!?

Iori: You should just do it! Please don’t waste this chance.

Riku: That’s right! You get to meet Kisaragi Aruto-chan! (1)

Mitsuki: And you’re playing the killed teacher in a school mystery!? That totally suits you…..!

Yamato: Just how does that suit me?

Mitsuki: It’s just….an overall fit!!

Nagi: Oh, Yamato! It’s written here that you’re popular with female students.

Nagi: My intuition tells me the culprit that killed you was overcome with jealousy! Do you have any ideas!?

Yamato: I haven’t been killed! …..Who was the director that sent you the email?

Tsumugi: Director Kinoshita Masami. (2)

Yamato: Aah, that old man……

Yamato: Sorry, but I’m not interested in acting. Turn down the offer.

Tsumugi: Yamato-san……

Yamato: I’m going to the convenience store.

Tsumugi: ………… ……If the person himself isn’t interested, then there’s no helping it……

Iori: I wonder if he’s an acquaintance of the director’s.

Mitsuki: When we went to the TV station for Music Festa, it looked like he knew a few people.

Tsumugi: Really?

Mitsuki: Yeah. They called out to Yamato-san. Saying things like “long time no see”.

Riku: I wonder if Yamato-san was in show business.

Tsumugi: But that kind of personal history wasn’t listed on his resume……

Nagi: Oh…… How unfortunate. This was such a rare chance…….

Tsumugi: …………

Yamato: …………

Mitsuki: ……h, haa, haa…… Dammit, I’m off again……

Yamato: ……Mitsu, you’re still practicing?

Mitsuki: Ooh, Yamato-san. Well, there are times where I don’t match up with everyone else.

Mitsuki: I’m doing it the same way, so where am I messing up?

Yamato: ……Well, yeah. You’ve got a smaller frame, so your stride is different. You go off sync when we change positions.

Mitsuki: Aah, so that’s it! Alright, let’s try one more time.

Yamato: ……Haha. You’re always putting your all into it.

Mitsuki: Of course I am. It’s boring if you don’t!

Yamato: …………

Mitsuki: If you just go at it just enough, even if you manage to succeed just enough, then you’ll only be that happy.

Mitsuki: In that case, doesn’t it feel better to do it with everything you have, succeed with everything you have, and be happy with everything you have?

Mitsuki: There are times when you fail with everything you have too….. But when that happens, you just gotta be sad with everything you have.

Mitsuki: It’s my one and only life! And aren’t I the only one that can make my own life interesting?

Yamato: ……Mitsu……

Mitsuki: You should try it too. I don’t know what your circumstances are.

Mitsuki: But I want to see you really cry with vexation and really weep with joy.

Mitsuki: Show me, Leader.

Yamato: ………….

Tsumugi: You’re going to accept the offer to act in the drama!?

Yamato: Yeah.

Tsumugi: Yay–!

Banri: Yay! We’ll get an amazing guarantee payment! (3)

Yamato: ……if that’s the situation we’re in, then tell me beforehand. Even I wanna make sure everyone gets a good bento to eat……

Tsumugi: That’s not all, of course!

Tsumugi: This is the first drama and acting job for IDOLiSH7!

Tsumugi: I’m glad that the one opening this road for everyone else is the trustworthy Yamato-san!

Yamato: ……Haha. Flattery won’t get you anywhere.

Yamato: But, well….. Why don’t I give it a try?

Yamato: That whole “putting your all into it” thing.


(2) Combination of googling and more googling got me this particular rendition of 木下正巳, let’s hope it’s right.

(3) ギャラ, short for ギャランティ (guarantee), in the dictionary as “fees paid to performing artists, etc”, heck if I know if this has a PROPER English equivalent, but I tried. (This line is on Banri’s Line sticker, actually, lmao)

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