Sogo Osaka (逢坂 壮五, Ousaka Sougo) is the most gentle, mild-mannered member of IDOLiSH7.

He is a very smart, diligent individual who excels in everything he does. He also looks out for everyone, but he does worry and tries to carry all the burdens and responsibilities on himself.

Voice Samples

1: To support the agency, I’ll have to work even harder than before.

I’ll be fine so don’t worry.

I’ll… be fine…

2: Feels like it’s been a while since I’ve laughed like this.

It must be because Manager is here with us.

Always giving your best for us, thank you.


Translation and information source

Character Lines

Home screen

1: I wonder if Tamaki-kun is properly eating things other than pudding...?
2: I'm glad that I didn't give up on my dreams.
3: I want to become a little bit more manly.
4: Fufu, I'm getting a little embarrassed.
5: I cook my own meals pretty often.
1: Good morning. I look forward to working with you again today.
1: If you're awake, then maybe I'll stay up too.
1: It's fine since it's me, but you shouldn't do this to other people. It's dangerous.

After Lives

(SS Ranking) Because of you, I was able to shine.
(S Ranking) It's the best feeling ever!
(A Ranking) I can still keep going!
(B Ranking) I wanted to do a bit more...
(C Ranking) Tonight we'll practice all night.

Login Bonus




  • his blood type is probably A (it is never explicitly stated in any of his rabbit chats unlike the others, but Iori mentioned in one of his birthday rabbit chats that "within this group there is only me and one other person."with blood type A. Since none of the other members of i7 have blood type A besides Iori, I assume that Iori is referring to Sougo.)
  • is a huge fanboy of music in general (especially TRIGGER)
  • played guitar in a friend’s band
  • dropped out of university
  • is a very clingy, emotional drunk
  • former heir to a very large and influential company
  • holds very strong feelings of respect for his deceased uncle, who spurred his desire to pursue music
  • has a very high tolerance for spicy food
  • takes medicine for stomach problems (stomach ulcers iirc)
  • has very sudden mood swings
  • can turn anything nearby into a weapon (laptop, kitchen knife, potato peeler etc)
  • did kendo when he was younger
  • used to be anaemic
  • went to Europe for a class excursion
  • drinks espresso without adding sugar or milk
  • tries to solve his problems by buying books/ manuals--How To Approach Adolescents, How To Be More Aggressive, 10 Helpful Tips For Talking To Teenagers
  • can't make jokes
  • has a “rotten” style of playing chess
  • was interested in alarm clocks for a period of time (he was looking for ways for Tamaki-kun out of bed without trouble)
  • is terrible at decision-making when it gets pressed onto him
  • can't say no to people
  • Likes:
    • Keeping things tidy and orderly
    • spicy food
    • wearing scarfs
    • window shopping

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