IDOLiSH7 has a variety of different types of cards and different ways to obtain each one! Cards here are obtainable via Magazine Issues, Special Promo, Bonus to albums on Pre-order, and Event rewards!
ReVale (Dis One.)Danshi Tarumono! (Everyone, Gather Around!)Love & Game (Grandiose Dance Party)Fure Fure Seishun Senka (Song! Dance!)Trigger (Last Dimension)Restart Pointer (A New Dream)Tenn Kujo (B or W 2)Riku Nanase (B or W 2)Revale (Silver Sky Bonus)MEZZO” (Koi no Kakera CD Bonus)Tenn Kujo (LaLa DX Second Issue)Tenn Kujo (Lala DX 1st)Tenn Kujo (SECRET NIGHT CD Special)Riku Nanase (MONSTER GENERATION CD Special)Tenn Kujo (Margaret Issue)Riku Nanase (Margaret Issue)Tenn Kujo (Novel Special)Riku Nanase (Manga Special)Tenn Kujo (Comic Bonus)Riku Nanase (Comic Bonus 2)Iori Izumi (Album Bonus)Yamato Nikaido (Album Bonus)Mitsuki Izumi (Album Bonus)Tamaki Yotsuba (Album Bonus)Sogo Osaka (Album Bonus)Nagi Rokuya (Album Bonus)Riku Nanase (Album Bonus)

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