Who Pulled the Trigger?

TRIGGER is the rival group to IDOLiSH7. The group is comprised of Gaku Yaotome (Leader), Tenn Kujo (Center), and Ryunosuke Tsunashi (Peacemaker between the other two when they bicker.) They are handled by the Yaotome Production Company.


Gaku Yaotome 02 Tenn Kujo 02 Ryunosuke Tsunashi 02
Gaku Yaotome

(CV: Wataru Hatano)

Tenn Kujo

(CV: Soma Saito)

Ryunosuke Tsunashi

(CV: Takuya Satou)


SECRET NIGHT (in-game cover)NATSU☆Shiyouze! (in-game cover)Song - Leopard EyesLast Dimension (Cover)NATSU☆Shiyouze! (IDOLiSH7 feat.TRIGGER Version) - (in-game cover)


アイドリッシュセブン『Leopard Eyes TRIGGER』MV FULL04:40

アイドリッシュセブン『Leopard Eyes TRIGGER』MV FULL

Leopard Eyes Full MV

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