Tamaki Yotsuba
Tamaki Yotsuba 02
Kanji 四葉 環
Rōmaji Yotsuba Tamaki
English Tamaki Yotsuba
Nickname Tama (by Yamato Nikaido)
Tamaki-kun (by Sogo Osaka)
Taa-kun (by Sogo Osaka when drunk and Mother)
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Sign Aries
Birthday April 1st
Age 17
Blood Type B
Height 183 cm
Personal Status
Relatives Mother (deceased)
Aya (Younger Sister)
Professional Statistics
Music Sign Mezzo Piano
Talent Dancing
First Appearance
Game Chapter 1; Part 1
Voice Actors
Japanese KENN


Has the temperament of a prodigy, yet is easily exhausted.

Joined the entertainment world for a certain purpose, which even the other members do not know.

Even when he meets fans at the street corner, he doesn’t do any fan service. Does not really keep track of appointments nor time and is an individualist who does things at his own pace.

But, for the sake of pudding, he is willing to do anything wholeheartedly.

Voice Samples

1: Wai- What are you eating! That’s my pudding!
You’re terrible… It’s completely empty now isn’t it!
Argh!!! I’m going to kill you!

2: Hey, Rikkun…
You don’t have to do it like how Mikki does it.
You being your usual self is the best in my opinion.
It’s also the most charming…


Translation and information source

Character Lines

Home screen

1: I made Sou-chan mad again.
2: Do you do ab workouts too?
3: What? You want to be caressed?
4: If it's you, I'll give you one bite. Pudding.
5: ... 5 more minutes... munyamunya
1: --
1: --
1: --

After Lives

(SS Ranking) --
(S Ranking) --
(A Ranking) --
(B Ranking) --
(C Ranking) --

Login Bonus

It's about the same as King Pudding, you're special



  • his blood type is B
  • is fond of physical contact
    • The body part he is most proud of is his abs.
  • was an orphan and grew up in a childcare facility
  • did not have a mobile phone until he got scouted
  • became an idol to look for his missing sister, Aya
  • afraid of the dark
  • sleeps with a night light
  • deathly afraid of ghosts
  • abysmally bad at explaining things
  • nicknames absolutely everyone
  • went on a school trip with Iori
  • He hakes supplementary lessons in school to prevent himself from repeating a year.
    • Iori monitors him to make sure he actually goes to his lessons.
  • is good at video games
  • doodles when studying
  • (Doodling is an unexpected habit oh his.)
  • tried hitting on a girl (a dare) and got rejected
  • does watch anime and read manga (really violent ones though)
  • Likes:
    • (loves) King Pudding
    • video games
  • He used to help out kids who were being bullied.
  • He (suprising) enjoys taking selfies.
  • His favourite fairy tale is "Hansel and Gretel".

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