Ryuunosuke: Haisai, chuuganjuunee? Shigutu, namauwaton. Ahaha. nji, anyati. (1)

Gaku: Who’s Ryuu on the phone with?

Ten: Who knows, I can’t make out what he’s saying…… –ah, President.

Sousuke: I need to talk with you. Ryuunosuke, get off the phone.

Ryuunosuke: ……s-sorry. Thank you for all your work today, President.

Gaku: So what is it?

Sousuke: It’s about an idol group that’s been making waves recently. I heard you had a dispute with them once.

Gaku: …….you mean IDOLiSH7?

Sousuke: Yes. They aren’t anything you need to worry about, but they’ll make for good materials.

Sousuke: We should put a little spin on how they tried to steal guests at your concert and spread it around.

Sousuke: If we fan the flames, even more fans are sure to come to your side.

Sousuke: At the upcoming Music Festival, we’ll give them a show so exciting they wouldn’t dare to go against us. (2)

Sousuke: Music Festival is an hours-long music program that boasts high viewership every year.

Sousuke: We can show your appeal in the midst of all those artists.

Sousuke: We’ll show that that the ones who understand this era aren’t any of their headliners. (3) It’s TRIGGER.

Ryuunosuke: ….fan the flames?

Ten: What a wonderful, third-rate idea.

Ryuunosuke: Ten. Talking like that to the president is……

Ten: Does your definition of business include making the fans feel anxiety and discomfort? That’s just something an attention-starved kid would do.

Sousuke: Bitter as ever, aren’t you, Ten. However, you’re something he entrusted to me. I’ll let it pass.

Ten: ……….

Sousuke: Enthusiasm, obsession, faith…… Controlling people’s hearts is our business.

Sousuke: All you need to do is walk along the path I’ve set out for you. The path of glory that will take you to the summit.

Gaku: Hmph, control, huh… Don’t think I’ll move just like your remote control tells me to.

Sousuke: What do you mean by that, Gaku?

Gaku: I won’t be controlled by you.

Sousuke: ……….

Gaku: Let’s go. Ten, Ryuu.

Ten: Excuse us.

Ryuunosuke: I apologize. Excuse us.

Sousuke: …………..tch. He’s starting to get impertinent. He’s just like his mother.

Sousuke: ……IDOLiSH7……

Sousuke: You should have stayed a small, obedient production company. …..Prepare yourself, Takanashi……

Sousuke: Come now….there are plenty of ways to heighten the instability of a group that’s just formed.

Sousuke: For example……

Tamaki: ……….. TV Voice: …. LIVExLIVE’s Concert Corner! Those were the idols that only got more fired up in the face of a storm, IDOLiSH7! Tamaki: …..We were shown…… We were shown, but it was small….. And short…… Tamaki: ……I won’t be noticed like this…….

Tsumugi: The outdoor concert was a great success. And, even if it was for a short time, we were introduced on our first official TV program. Tsumugi: The results were tremendous. –Especially for Sougo-san and Tamaki-san.

Fan: Um, you’re Ousaka Sougo-san, right!? Sougo: Ah, yes…… Fan: Kyaaa! I’m a fan! I’ve loved you ever since I saw the concert broadcast….. Sougo: I see. Thank you very much. Fan: Aah! It’s Ousaka Sougo! I love you too! Please shake my hand! Fan: Hey look! Apparently Ousaka Sougo’s here! Sougo: …..ah, thank you very much……

Fan: Aah! It’s Yotsuba Tamaki! From…what was it called again, Ido-something! Fan: Tamaki-san, look over here! Tamaki: I’m eating ice cream. Fan: You’re Yotsuba Tamaki-san, right!? You’re really good at dancing! Please sign this! Fan: And mine too! Kyaaa, he looks so good from up close…..! Fan: Sign my T-shirt! Tamaki: I’m eating ice cream!

Banri: Sougo-kun and Tamaki-kun’s popularity is exploding upward. About 60% of the fanmail we receive is for those two. Banri: The two of them stood out during the TV broadcast, after all. Tsumugi: That’s true. I’m really thankful, but I wonder how everyone else feels…… Banri: Hmm….the differences in popularity within a group is a sensitive subject….. Banri: After those two, Riku-kun is popular, as expected of the center. Next is Iori-kun I believe. Banri: Nagi-kun’s visual appeal and Yamato-kun’s position as leader bring them regular fans. Banri: But Mitsuki has lowered a bit…..or rather, there are a lot of people with him as their second favorite. Banri: I’d like if we could sell them equally….but Mitsuki-kun doesn’t have a stand-out weapon. Tsumugi: Everyone else’s charms stand out because Mitsuki-san gets everyone else so excited. It’s a perfectly splendid weapon. Banri: Of course it is. But we don’t know if the fans, or in the worst case scenario the person himself, realize it. Banri: I hope he isn’t worried about it. Tsumugi: ……….

(1) Hello, how are you doing? I’ve just finished with work. Ahaha, yeah, I see…

The best (?) part about this is that the text above makes as much sense to you as it does to me. Ryuunosuke is from Okinawa, so here he’s speaking not just a dialect, but what may as well be a different language in some respects. I had to look this up on Yahoo answers.

(2) Raisin Sousuke uses weird kanji multiple times in this tiny section, so weird that it made looking up idioms weirdly difficult. This phrase here has a standard kanji usage, and a non-standard one, which each provide a different nuance. 追随を許さない (standard, which he didn’t use) means “we’ll do so good that you almost wouldn’t be able to forgive anyone who tried to go next”, whereas 追従を許さない (non-standard based on my googling, which he DID use) means something like “we won’t forgive anyone who comes after us meekly” and like honestly Sousuke, stop.

(3) There are a lot of theories for why トリを務める means what it does, but in the end it refers to the thing you came to see–usually the thing that’s advertised, and usually the last performance of the set. It’s the main performer, or the headliner. I can only imagine that Raisin Sousuke is throwing shade at the MuFes organizers, saying that the artists they chose to be their main draw aren’t actually all that hot.

(4) Sousuke single-handedly stalled my translation on this for a week because of his bs. Also the title, 奸計, can also be translated as “evil design”, so it’s likely referring to the stuff he has up his sleeves….which we will see the fruits of in the coming segments.

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