Tsumugi: And then, IDOLiSH7s web program started.

Riku: Good evening! “An ID♡LiSH Night With You!” I’m IDOLiSH7′s Nanase Riku!

Iori: Izumi Iori.

Yamato: Nikaidou Yamato.

Mitsuki: Izumi Mitsuki!

Nagi: Good evening, everyone! I’m Nagi Valhart von North….. (1)

Mitsuki: Sorry. Stop the camera for a bit.

Nagi: ……gh, ouch! That hurts!

Mitsuki: Why are you exaggerating your own name!? Just say your name normally!

Nagi: Oh……! Real name? You mean mine?

Mitsuki: Huh? You can’t stop the camera? Why? …..Live broadcast!? This is a live broadcast!?

Iori: In that case, tell us beforehand! Aah….., aah, don’t panic. …..don’t go off-script!

Riku: Ah, umm, well then, let’s go to our first corner, “I’m sorry we weren’t able to inform you!”

Yamato: No, no! That’s not the segment’s name!

Iori: Flip the cue card, hurry and flip it!

Mitsuki: Good evening! “An ID♡LiSH Night With You!” I’m IDOLiSH7′s Izumi Mitsuki!

Mitsuki: Today, we’re going to challenge a game of dominoes with the members here.

Tamaki: Isn’t that kinda plain?

Mitsuki: Shut it. It’ll be fine if we just line them up all excited.

Tamaki: I just wanna knock them over.

Mitsuki: Every wants to do that!

Nagi: Ok. Let’s play rock, paper, scissors. The loser will line them up.

Riku: I’m really weak at that……

Iori: You’re the type to do “paper” on “rock, paper, scissors, shoot”, aren’t you? (2)

Riku: Huh? Ah……aah, probably! Why do you know that!?

Iori: Psychologically, you’re likely to go with the choice that wins against the first thing said. How uncreative.

Riku: How annoying……..

Sougo: Then I’ll line them up. Why don’t you all try doing something else?

Yamato: Really? Sorry about that.

Sougo: It’s fine. I’m good at stuff like this.

Riku: You’re so kind, Sougo-san……. Speaking of which, I watched it earlier! The music program MEZZO” appeared on.

Sougo: Really?

Nagi: Oh, the music program reminded me. When I return the concert DVD you lent me, I’ll lend you a Magical★Kokona DVD.

Sougo: Huh, coercion…..?

Nagi: Just my thanks.

Mitski: I’ve already watched it twice, you know? Listen, recently this guy here……

Tamaki: I’m hungry.

Yamato: Because all you eat is pudding. Are you cooking for yourself? Properly.

Tamaki: Well, about that……

Iori: Everyone, I’m sorry. Do you understand that we’re in the middle of a program?

Yamato: “An ID♡LiSH Night With You!” I’m IDOLiSH7′s Nikaidou Yamato–

Yamato: Today, we’re gonna do the correspondence corner, which we asked for your help with last time. Thank you for so many messages.

Riku: Amazing, it’s just like a program……

Mitsuki: Leader, how distinguished……

Yamato: So now on to our first letter! Why did only Sougo-kun and Tamaki-kun debut?

Riku: Aah. About that, I was also shocked. The reason was that another company tried to go a……mmmm……!

Iori: Are you of your right mind!? Isn’t it about time you understand what you should and shouldn’t say!?

Yamato: ….and aren’t letters like this supposed to go through the staff first so they can pick ones easy to answer?

Mitsuki: These are probably in the order they came in.

Yamato: Our manager is honest, after all……

Nagi: Oh…… How will we answer this question? Will we answer with a lie?

Iori: I’m begging you, don’t say anything about lying……..

Yamato: Hmmmm. We can’t say what really happened. But well, it was involuntary. Alright, next.

Mitsuki: So it really was unwilling for you too?

Yamato: I mean, you guys were trying to hard. I wanted to do something for you……

Iori: Please don’t talk about this anymore…….

Girl A: Did you see “An ID♡LiSH Night With You!” ? It’s interesting. It’s like they’re all over the place.

Girl B: Tamaki and Sougo from MEZZO” talk on that often. I thought they were a lot cooler!

Girl A: The older Izumi’s retorts are super hilarious. The younger Izumi looks so unconcerned, but he’s so cute when he panics ever time!

Girl B: It’s nice when a bunch of cool guys chitchat like that! It cheers me up-!

Girl A: But, they’re actually really good! At both singing and dancing! I was surprised when I watched all their related videos!

Girl B: I got to their program by watching concert videos!

Girl A: It’s where MEZZO” is attached to, after all. They definitely have real talent. Why haven’t they debuted yet?

Girl B: Right?

Tsumugi: ……Japan Media Service….. An email from a director at a drama production company……

Tsumugi: Huh……

Tsumugi: They want to have Yamato-san appear in a two hour drama every Monday!?

Tsumugi: It stars “Kisaragi Aruto” and “Tsuzuki Hiromi” (3)….. A tag team between a popular idol and a talented actor! This is sure to get high ratings!

Tsumugi: We’ve just gotten an amazing chance!

(1) I think this was the earliest hint of the “Prince Nagi” theory and I barely paid attention to it the first time around. General note that I had to do a best-guess on the romanization for “Valhart”

(2) I’ve never been so weirdly glad that the Japanese and English versions of rps start off with “rock” in some fashion, because the Japanese version (”first is rock, jankenpon”, in which case don’t ask me to give you a tl for the word “jankenpon”) is otherwise nothing like the English.

(3) Listen to me, okay, Listen. For the first name, 如月あると, thanks to KagePro I’m fairly confident that Kisragi is how you read that last name, and Aruto is in hiragana so no issues. It’s the second guy, Mr. 都築博巳, with not only a handful of choices for his first name, but a veritable endless list of choices for his last name, so after dying a little bit, I decided to go with what you see up there.

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