At first, all of this was supposed to be for revenge…
But it’s different now– I wanna make their dreams come true!

Yamato Nikaido

Yamato Nikaido
Yamato Nikaido
Kanji 二階堂 大和
Rōmaji Nikaidou Yamato
English Yamato Nikaido
Nickname Yama-san (by Tamaki Yotsuba)
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Sign Aquarius
Birthday February 14th (Valentines Day)
Age 22
Blood Type B
Height 177 cm
Personal Status
Professional Statistics
Music Sign Sharp
Position Leader
Talent Expression
First Appearance
Game Chapter 1; Part 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Yuusuke Shirai

Yamato Nikaido (二階堂 大和, Nikaidou Yamato ) comes across as very lazy and easy-going, but he is very passionate about what he does and cares a lot about the other members of IDOLiSH7. He took up the position of “Leader” only because he was the oldest in the group, he actually considered pulling himself out of the audition for IDOLiSH7.

Yamato has held a very deep dislike towards the entertainment world in general before joining the agency, And it's implied that he was connected to it himself at some point in the past. Now after he's joined IDOLiSH7, he genuinely enjoys being an idol and cares for the other members of the group.

He can’t actually see much at all without his glasses, is a confrontational drunk, calls himself oniisan (big brother), is weak to honest and hardworking individuals like Riku and Mitsuki, and owns a personal cleaning robot named Musashi.

Character Lines


  • Thanks to you, I'm able to be here
    Omae san no okage de, ore wa koko ni iru
  • It's troublesome looking after them, really.
    Aitsu ra mo sewa ga yakeru yo na, honto
  • Big brother's going to get the wrong idea? ...Just kidding.
    Oniisan kanchigai shichau yo?... Joudan da yo.
  • When it comes to abs I lose to Tama.
    Fukkin wa Tama ni wa makeru yo na


  • Good morning. Did you sleep well?
    おはよ。 よく眠れたか?
    Ohayou. Yoku nemureta ka?


  • It's adult time from here on out.
    Koko kara wa otona no jikanda ze?


  • Hey hey, do you think I'm a kid petting my head like that?
    Oi oi, atama nanka nadete ore wa kodomo kattsu no

(After Lives)

  • (SS Ranking) Ha ha, I guess you are amazing after all.
  • (S Ranking) --
  • (A Ranking) --
  • (B Ranking) --
  • (C Ranking) --

(Login Bonus)

  • --


Yamato Nikaido (Unit)
Yamato Nikaido (Unit 2)
Yamato Nikaido (Christmas)
Yamato Nikaido (End-of-Year Live)
End of Year Live
Yamato Nikaido (End-of-Year Live 2)
End of Year Live
Yamato Nikaido (Rabbit Ears Parka)
Rabbit Ears Parka
Yamato Nikaido (Rabbit Ears Parka 2)
Rabbit Ears Parka
Yamato Nikaido (White Day)
White Day
Yamato Nikaido (MATSURI)
Yamato Nikaido (Memories Melodies 1)
Yamato Nikaido (Memories Melodies 2)
Yamato Nikaido (Restart Pointer)
Restart Pointer
Yamato Nikaido (Xmas Magic)
Xmas Magic
Yamato Nikaido (Sweets)
Yamato Nikaido (Sakura Message)
Sakura Message
Yamato Nikaido (Sakura Message 2)
Sakura Message
Yamato Nikaido (Ordinary Days)
Ordinary Days
Yamato Nikaido (Ordinary Days 2)
Ordinary Days
Yamato Nikaido (Ordinary Days 3)
Ordinary Days
Yamato Nikaido (Summer Memories)
Summer Memories
Yamato Nikaido (Summer Memories 2)
Summer Memories
Yamato Nikaido (Outdoor Festival)
Outdoor Festival
Yamato Nikaido (Outdoor Festival 2)
Outdoor Festival
Yamato Nikaido (Joker Flag)
Joker Flag
Yamato Nikaido (Valentine)
Yamato Nikaido (P G)
Yamato Nikaido (Ainana Police)
Ainana Police
Yamato Nikaido (Ainana Police 2)
Ainana Police
Yamato Nikaido (Ainana Police 3)
Ainana Police
Yamato Nikaido (Job 1)
Yamato Nikaido (Job 2)
Yamato Nikaido (Märchen Dream)
Märchen Dream
Yamato Nikaido (King Pudding)
King Pudding
Yamato Nikaido (Birthday Photobook)
Birthday Photobook
Yamato Nikaido (Birthday Photobook 2)
Birthday Photobook
Yamato Nikaido (Order Please)
Order Please
Yamato Nikaido (Ainana Academy)
Ainana Academy
Yamato Nikaido (Ainana Academy 2)
Ainana Academy
Yamato Nikaido (Ainana Academy 3)
Ainana Academy
Yamato Nikaido (Halloween)
Yamato Nikaido (Halloween 2)
Yamato Nikaido (Indoor Festival)
Indoor Festival
Yamato Nikaido (Day Off)
Day Off
Yamato Nikaido (New Year)
New Year
Yamato Nikaido (White Side)
White Side
Yamato Nikaido (Album Bonus)
Album Bonus
Yamato Nikaido (Monster 1)
Yamato Nikaido (Monster 2)
Yamato Nikaido (Taisho Era)
Taisho Era
Yamato Nikaido (Zodiac)
Yamato Nikaido (Winter Wonderland Trip)
Winter Wonderland Trip
Yamato Nikaido (Winter Wonderland Trip 2)
Winter Wonderland Trip
Yamato Nikaido (Happy Sparkle Star)
Happy Sparkle Star


  • he chiefly performs in dramas
  • has a sensitive tongue
  • self proclaimed S
  • has a driver's licence, but prefers not to drive as the driver cannot get drunk
  • when he gets fired up, he pushes in the middle of his glasses very hard
  • sleeps with a stomach band to keep his stomach warm
  • might tease the people he likes
  • claims to be the type who tends to attract mosquitoes
  • would like to be an office worker if he wasn't an idol
  • rolled across the stage twice during the Pythagoras Fighters performance because Mitsuki and Nagi charged at him


Translation and information source

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