At first, all of this was supposed to be for revenge…
But it’s different now– I wanna make their dreams come true!

Yamato Nikaido

Yamato Nikaido (二階堂 大和, Nikaidou Yamato) comes across as very lazy and easy-going, but he is very passionate about what he does and cares a lot about the other members of IDOLiSH7. He took up the position of “Leader” only because he was the oldest in the group, he actually considered pulling himself out of the audition for IDOLiSH7.

Yamato has held a very deep dislike towards the entertainment world in general before joining the agency, And it's implied that he was connected to it himself at some point in the past.

He can’t actually see much at all without his glasses, is a confrontational drunk, calls himself oniisan (big brother), is weak to honest and hardworking individuals like Riku and Mitsuki, and owns a personal cleaning robot named Musashi.


Yamato Nikaido’s Room
Yamato Nikaido's Room
Screenshot from the game


Love two you


Character Yamato's Nickname Nickname from them
Iori Izumi
Iori Izumi Ichi Nikaidou-san
Yamato Nikaido
Yamato Nikaido Ore (俺) / Oniisan (お兄さん)
Mitsuki Izumi
Mitsuki Izumi Mitsu Yamato-san
Tamaki Yotsuba
Tamaki Yotsuba Tama Yama-san
Sogo Osaka
Sogo Osaka Sou Yamato-san
Nagi Rokuya
Nagi Rokuya Nagi Yamato
Riku Nanase
Riku Nanase Riku Yamato-san
Gaku Yaotome
Gaku Yaotome Yaotome Nikaido
Tenn Kujo
Tenn Kujo Kujo Nikaido Yamato
Ryunosuke Tsunashi
Ryunosuke Tsunashi Tsunashi-san Yamato-kun
Momo Momo-san Yamato
Yuki Yuki-san / Senpai Yamato-kun
Minami Natsume
Minami Natsume
Haruka Isumi
Haruka Isumi
Toma Inumaru
Toma Inumaru {{{Toma Inumaru's Nickname}}} {{{Nickname from Toma Inumaru}}}
Torao Mido
Torao Mido
Takanashi Production
Tsumugi Takanashi
Tsumugi Takanashi
Banri Ogami
Banri Ogami
Otoharu Takanashi
Otoharu Takanashi
Yaotome Production
Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi
Sousuke Yaotome
Sousuke Yaotome
Okazaki Agency
Rinto Okazaki
Rinto Okazaki




  • 二階 (nikai) = 2nd floor​
  • 堂 (dou) = temple; shrine; majestic

Given Name

  • 大 = big; great
  • 和 (yamato)= gentle; harmonious

Yamato 大和 is also alternative name for the country of Japan

Voice Actor Comment

Yuusuke Shirai's Comments
Yuusuke Shirai Comments About Part 2

Yuusuke Shirai Comments About Part 2

Regarding Part 2

These are comments regarding Part 3 [2]


  • I'd personally been looking forward to it myself, but Part 3 starts with a drastic development right from the get-go, so I think it's the sort of dense story where you really can't let a single word go by unnoticed. I'd like it if everyone could please enjoy and play it for themselves.

FOR Yamato:

  • "Yamato, you sure gave it your best." is what I'd wanna say. I wanna thank him by treating him to drinks.


  • he chiefly performs in dramas
  • has a sensitive tongue
  • self proclaimed S
  • has a driver's licence, but prefers not to drive as the driver cannot get drunk
  • when he gets fired up, he pushes in the middle of his glasses very hard
  • sleeps with a stomach band to keep his stomach warm
  • might tease the people he likes
  • claims to be the type who tends to attract mosquitoes
  • would like to be an office worker if he wasn't an idol
  • rolled across the stage twice during the Pythagoras Fighters performance because Mitsuki and Nagi charged at him


  1. Name translation by Yazu
  2. Part 3 comment translation by Kaisekis

Yamato Nikaido

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