I don’t care if they don’t love me. I want everything, from the lowliest of bugs to God himself, to love my songs. Just my songs. I only want the people who’ll treasure my songs to listen to them.


Yukito Orikasa (折笠 千斗, Orikasa Yukito) or mostly known by his stage name Yuki (千, Yuki), is the cool and collected member of the duo, Re:vale! Yuki is always apologizing for Momo’s antics. He’s the tsukkomi, the straight man, of the pair, and follows through with pointing out the idiocy Momo currently has on display.

Surprisingly, Yuki is actually very easy to laugh or otherwise lose composure, usually as a result of the very actions of Momo’s he’s trying to correct. He takes great care after those in the industry who came after them (aka his kouhai), and is actually remarkably kind.


Yuki’s Room
Yuki's Room
Screenshot from the game


Character Name Yuki's Nickname Nickname for them
Iori Izumi
Iori Izumi Iori-kun Yuki-san
Yamato Nikaido
Yamato Nikaido Yamato-kun Yuki-san / Senpai
Mitsuki Izumi
Mitsuki Izumi Mitsuki-kun Yuki-san
Tamaki Yotsuba
Tamaki Yotsuba Tamaki-kun Yukirin
Sogo Osaka
Sogo Osaka Sogo-kun Yuki-san
Nagi Rokuya
Nagi Rokuya Nagi-kun Mister Yuki
Riku Nanase
Riku Nanase Riku-kun Yuki-san
Gaku Yaotome
Gaku Yaotome Gaku-kun
Tenn Kujo
Tenn Kujo Tenn-kun Yuki-san
Ryunosuke Tsunashi
Ryunosuke Tsunashi Ryuu-kun Yuki-san
Momo Momo
Yuki Boku (僕)
Minami Natsume
Minami Natsume
Haruka Isumi
Haruka Isumi
Touma Inumaru
Touma Inumaru
Torao Mido
Torao Mido
Takanashi Production
Tsumugi Takanashi
Tsumugi Takanashi Maneko-chan Yuki-san
Banri Ogami
Banri Ogami Ban Yuki
Otoharu Takanashi
Otoharu Takanashi
Yaotome Production
Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi
Sousuke Yaotome
Sousuke Yaotome
Okazaki Agency
Rinto Okazaki
Rinto Okazaki


[1] Surname

  • 折 (ori) = fold, break; bend; yield; submit
  • 笠 (kasa) = bamboo hat; one’s influence

Given Name

  • 千 (yuki) = thousand; snow
  • 斗 (to) = struggle; fight; compete

Voice Actor Comment

Tachibana Shinnosuke's Comments
Tachibana Shinnosuke Comments About Part 2

Tachibana Shinnosuke Comments About Part 2

Regarding Part 2

These are comments regarding Part 3 [2]


  • Part 3 is a story where you can't take your eyes off of the adventure aspects, yet when you consider its entirety it's really a very deep story, so I'd like for you to face it having cleanly cleared Part 2 and with your preparations flawless. Re:vale's also very active, so I'd like it if you could enjoy those parts as well.


  • Knowing Yuki's past, when I look at Yuki as he is in Part 2, I think to myself how he's sure become an adult, and he's sure become a real human (LOL). So I want to tell him, "you did it.".


  • Since Yuki is not a morning person and has lots of trouble getting out of bed, he relies on their manager, Rinto Okazaki, to spam Yuki’s phone with calls and Momo dragging him out of bed.[3]
  • Yuki is the type of person who’s okay with spoilers because not knowing what happens next feels worse to him.[4]
  • He is a vegetarian, not for spiritual reasons, he just prefers that sort of food. He hates meat and fish.[5]
  • He is an indoor person. He prefers to stay home or go out for a drive at most.[6]
    • Despite this, Yuki likes going on drives to admire the scenery.
  • Yuki is the composer for all of Re:vale songs.
    • Dis one. is an exception of this because that's a Zero song.


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