ZOOL Header
Tetrarchy of Madness and Destruction

ZOOL is a group that threatens the idol world in Part 3 of the main story! That is a four person group, which consists of; Haruka Isumi, Touma Inumaru, Minami Natsume, and Torao Mido.


Natsume Minami Part 3 Isumi Haruka Part 3 Inumaru Touma Part 3 Mido Torao Part 3
Minami Natsume
(CV: Nishiyama Koutarou)
Haruka Isumi
(CV: Hirose Yuuya)
Touma Inumaru
(CV: Kimura Subaru)
Torao Mido
(CV: Kondou Takashi)


Poisonous Gangster (Regular Cover)

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